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This is a Lua event created by Cocathecat #0000 and Tortuegreen #0000.


While playing the event you will be given one of 10 recipes you must finish earning the event's reward.

To pick up an item, you have to first click the little up arrow on the list, and choose your ingredients. After that, you must find the items, and then duck down repeatedly until the arrow on the list turns into a checkmark.

To leave the house and collect some items, someone must first collect the key that's on the rightmost picture on the ground floor (duck on it until name turns yellow) and then duck near the door. Once someone unlocks the door, it remains open for everyone.

Winter Festival 2018.png


# Recipe Ingredients
1 Roast Turkey Rosemary Fire Turkey
2 Electric toy train Metal Electric wire Wood
3 Rocking Horse Button Hay Wood
4 Garland / Christmas Crown Candle Scarf Tree
5 Hot Chocolate Chocolate Milk Fire
6 Christmas Stocking Stocking Chocolate Tangerine
7 Snowman Button Snow Carrot
8 Gingerbread Milk Eggs Honey
9 Smoked Salmon Salt Fish Fire
10 Christmas Tree Christmas Wreath Star Ornament Ball Ornament


After finishing a recipe successfully, you will be prompted with a popup that lets you choose between 3 different consumables.

Upon finishing all 10 recipes, you will earn the « Wintry Worker »(431) title.


  • The event was supposed to start on the 13 January 2018, however, due to a bug with the map, it was disabled until 17 January.


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