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For a list of wind maps, see Category:Wind maps.

Wind is the automatic horizontal acceleration of mice that is present in maps 63 and 65, the rotating fan maps creating wind in either direction; and 39. Wind often causes mice to fall off the side of the playing area, but can be used advantageously to gain speed.


Moving against the wind will cause mice to move slower than usual; likewise, moving with it increases their speed. Mice in the air are more susceptible to wind, and are pushed farther and faster when their feet cannot grip or run in the opposite direction. However, wind also can be advantageous when racing to the mouse hole, when jumping and running will often launch you there directly.

Items, particularly heavy ones, are affected by wind. Lone mice in a moving item's path are likely to be pushed along with it, though mice working together can push the item back, keeping it in place to be climbed or built on.


The shaman can prevent mice from falling off the screen with a strategically placed plank attached with a red nail as a roadblock. Alternatively, the shaman can use a vertical cloud. This can also allow the shaman to shelter in front of it with the other mice and build without being blown off the screen in the process of creating an item.

Items created by the shaman in levels in which wind is present are usually few, as they tend to push mice off the screen rather than help them to the cheese; anvils are particularly deadly, as they both move quickly and are hard to stop. Also, the shaman can be blown off the screen while building. Solutions to windy levels are usually quick and simple, often involving the creation of only one shaman item.