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Wall Jump

Wall jumping to get the cheese in Map 69

Wall jumping, sometimes spelled walljumping and shortened to wj, is an important and sometimes necessary skill on Transformice; you can still get cheese and firsts without it, but they will just be more difficult to obtain, resulting in you relying on the shaman more often. Note that bootcamp maps are impossible if you do not know how to wall jump or corner jump.

Note: Normal wall jumping does not work on standard (not modified in the map editor) ice or lava. A modified version can be used to wall jump on trampoline ground, however, and jumping up steep ice often uses wall jumping type techniques. You need to learn this because it is often needed.


Please note that when you hit the wall, you should not be holding down .

When wall is at left ++ and repeat with a good rhythm. Your mouse needs to have downward velocity when hitting the wall or else you will not be able to get the ability to jump. 
When wall is at right ++
When stuck in a corner Run at the wall then very quickly jump (does not work if board, box, etc. is trapping you)

You are making, in a way, a half-circle along its side. The most important thing to wall jumping is to be falling when you make contact with the wall. A failed jump will cause you to slide down, from where it may be difficult to recover. Accurate pacing is vital; slow and steady wins the race.

Wall jumping is done by exploiting a glitch that gives mice their ability to jump back when they fall into a frictional wall. Mice use the jump immediately and make repeated half circles along the wall.

  1. Fall down and towards the wall. Your mouse should extend his or her forelegs as if about to run. Holding the arrow key while near the top of a longer wall will show the running animation. It's extremely important that your mouse be falling when coming into contact with the wall. Otherwise, the mouse will slide down and not receive its jump back.
  2. Tap away from the wall. It's important not to jump too far away from the wall.
  3. Jump.
  4. Repeat.



Chocolate ground can be (and should be if you know how) wall jumped like normal ground. However, for those who don't know how to / are unable to wall jump, there's a modified wall jump, that only works on chocolate and other grounds with high friction, although it is not very efficient. While you run into a wall map of chocolate, hold down or , and repeatedly press . You should start scooting upward.

It is also possible to only press the or when starting to fall down, so maximum jump height is achieved before gripping the wall.

Lava and trampoline[]

These skills must be taken seriously. The ground must have a friction of 3 or higher in order to be jumped. For lava-jumping, jump onto the horizontal surface of the lava, and as you fall, quickly hold down on the ↑ up key and at the same time, the key in the direction you want to go in. You must do this before you land, as when you do you will spring back up, but not so high that your mouse will die. Repeat the process each time you fall.

However, this method will not work in bootcamp rounds. So for lava-jumping there, you have to get as close as you can to the lava wall, close enough until you can run against it and it doesn't blast you away. Then you start jumping up it the same way you would chocolate ground. It's the same thing with the trampoline, you run at the trampoline, get launched back, jump, run at it again, get launched back, etc.


Walljumping can be difficult when not timed correctly; there are a variety of reasons why walljumping may fail:

  • Holding the jump key (W or ). While mice will automatically jump when a movement key and the jump key is held, turning around and doing so will cancel out this effect.
  • Not making contact with the wall. Do not be too quick: ensure you are touching the wall before you make your jump!
  • Not falling down when making contact with the wall. Your mouse needs to be moving downwards by some amount before you can jump again. Try slowing down a bit, and watching your mouse's up/down position.
  • Attempting to walljump a friction-less wall, like ice ground found in some maps.

If you have trouble with walljumping, try entering your own room and practicing. Also, Beware of walljumping while carrying cheese: cheese weighs you down and makes walljumping much more difficult.

Wall jumping with cheese[]

Walljumping with cheese is often much more difficult than without cheese. Cheese weighs down your mouse and makes it impossible to turn around quickly after leaping away. While regular walljumping allows the left or right arrow key to be continuously held through the jump step, launching a mouse diagonally away, doing so with cheese makes your mouse unable to return to the wall soon enough afterward.

In a recent update, vanilla maps with 2-3 cheeses have been added. Jumping while having contact with a wall, while holding 3 cheeses, sometimes stops the jump from happening. It is unknown when and why the jump sometimes does not work, but holding the left or right arrow key and the jump key at the same time might not work because of this, so players should press the left or right arrow key, let go of the key, then press the jump key, and then proceeding to head back to the wall to repeat.

How it works[]

The reason wall jumping works is that game considers touching the wall while moving downward (i.e., negative y velocity, falling) equivalent to touching the ground, allowing you to jump again. It is generally considered a bug, but at the same time, a useful and unintended feature. One of the creators of the game have been seen to engage in wall jumping with commendable success.


Wall jumping was originally not an intended mechanic. When wall jumping was first discovered, most moderators and admins even thought it was hacking.