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Village is a game mode similar to Room 801, but allows custom, private, and international rooms to be made. Like Room 801, it's meant to be a place for mice to be able to relax, discuss, manage their mouse, and much more without the worry of gameplay or a timer interfering.

Village rooms take place in the Mice Village.

It is common to role-play in village rooms.

Before the release of the village game mode, Room 801 was the only official way to use this mechanic for years.

The village game mode is more important due to the Shaman 2016 released in V1.299.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Starting with the Shaman 2016 event, various NPCs in village rooms can be clicked when you are close enough to them to open up a trade window.

NPC Currency Sells Location Release date[note 1]
Papaille Various Trades various game mode coins in chunks of 50 for 50Consumable #800 Inside the top right tree house. Since village was added.
Elise Various Consumables Inside the top right tree house. Since village was added.
Oracle Consumable #2253Consumable #2505 Shaman merch Top of the right building in center of map. Shaman 2016
Indiana Mouse Consumable #2257 Permanent adventure content. Originally sold racing merch. In the gazebo located on the far bottom left. Racing 2016
Prof Consumable #2257 Consumables In the gazebo located on the far bottom left. Easter 2016
Buffy Consumable #2254Consumable #2506 Racing merch. Took over shop for Indiana Mouse. Top of the left building in center of map. Easter 2016
Archain von Drekkemaus.png
Von Drekkemouse Consumable #2260Consumable #2507 Survivor merch Top of the left building in center of map. Ninja 2016
Cassidy Consumable #2261Consumable #2508 Bootcamp merch Inside the bar on right side on the second floor. Ninja 2016
Delphilante Consumable #2504Consumable #2509 Defilante merch Bridge on the left. Halloween 2020
  1. Release date is when the NPC was added to the village room, not when they were added to the game.

Concepts[edit | edit source]

The following are three thematic village concepts created by Maharadjah.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The village map actually DOES have a timer, but it doesn't change or reload the map once it counts down to zero
  • Prior to V1.331c the hole in the bridge along the top of the map had no indication of being a hole.
  • At the left of the map, on the top of the bandstand, it is possible to be launched to the upper right part of the map. Although this often leads to death, it can potentially be a shortcut to the bridge.
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