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The Vegetable Garden 2019 event, also known as the Gardening event, requires waiting between maps for your crops to grow, instead of getting immediate payoff.


Empty plot

You have 6 farming plots and 90 seconds to garden. You'll have to show speed and cleverness! When you're not in your garden, you can randomly loot tools in order to boost your plants. When you click on an empty slot, a window will show you what's possible to do. Choose your desired seed and plant it in the soil.

By playing maps you will occasionally see Collectible #30 Mystery seeds (which become a random kind of crop, even Chili peppers, although very rarely), as well as tools, which are tradeable. The seeds can be planted in one of the 6 plots on the event map (note: these will stay planted between event maps). You can then use items to accelerate their growth / keep them safe, or harvest plants. You can then trade Papaille on the left side of the maps for special seeds that grow a specific plant based on which seed type it is. Daisies and chili peppers can be traded in to Papaille to earn rewards.

If a plant is "fully grown" but you cannot harvest (the inventory interface comes up), you'll need to wait until next round; most crops other than flowers require this. If you have some of the tools listed below, you can click on a plant that isn't full-grown and apply the effects.

While not always, Collectible #30 Mystery seeds most commonly end up being daisies. But since you can use daisies to buy the seed for the next plant, it isn't necessarily a bad thing.

You can also purchase the Inventory item #2317 Lotus seed which will award 2 badges when fully grown:Badge #163 along with Badge #240, and the Inventory item #2467 Garlic seed which will award an exclusive accessory when fully grown.

Event-specific items[]

Image Name Use
Collectible #30 Mystery Seed Can be placed in one of the six soil spots on the event map, and will grow any plant except lotus and garlic. Note: the harder the plant is to get, the less likely it will grow from a random seed.
Collectible #27 Watering Can Lowers growth time by ~5 turns.
Collectible #28 Ladybug Use to get rid of bugs Gardening bug.png. Only usable once your plant is already infested with bugs.
Collectible #29 Fertilizer Lowers growth time by ~5 turns.
Collectible #31 Gardening Hoe Removes weeds Weed.png. Only usable once your plant is already overrun with weeds.

"Growth Time" is the number of rounds it takes for a plant to grow without a Collectible #27 Watering Can or Collectible #29 Fertilizer and without weeds or bugs infesting your plant.

Seeds and crops
Name Seed Crop Plant Growth Time Notes
Daisy Inventory item #2311 Inventory item #2323
Daisy (fully grown) - Farming 2016.png
3 This plant can be used to purchase both Tomato seeds and a Lotus seed.
Tomatoes Inventory item #2312 Inventory item #2324
Tomatoes (fully grown) - Farming 2016.png
5 This plant can be used to buy Blueberry seeds.
Blueberries Inventory item #2313 Inventory item #2325
Blueberries (fully grown) - Farming 2016.png
7 This plant can be used to purchase Grapes seeds.
Grapes Inventory item #2314 Inventory item #2326
Grapes (fully grown) - Farming 2016.png
11 This plant can be used for both buying Lemon seeds and a Garlic seed.
Lemon Inventory item #2315 Inventory item #2327
Lemons (fully grown) - Farming 2016.png
15 This plant can be used to purchase both Chili Pepper seeds, and the « Farmer »(406) title.
Chili Pepper Inventory item #2316 Inventory item #2328
Chili peppers (fully grown) - Farming 2016.png
20 This plant can be used to obtain rewards from Elise.
Lotus Inventory item #2317 Badge #163Badge #240(New)
Lotus (fully grown) - Farming 2016.png
183 This is a special seed with a special reward. You can only have one growing at any given moment, which when fully grown will award you 2 badges the first time. The subsequent times you grow it, you will receive 2 chili peppers as a reward.
Garlic Inventory item #2467 Head item #182(New) Garlic (fully grown) - Farming 2019.png 123 This is also a special seed with a special reward. Upon completely growing will give you an exclusive hat that can't be bought in the shop. It can only be grown once. Growing this seed a second time does not give any additional rewards.


Crop Rewards
Inventory item #2323 5Inventory item #2252 5Inventory item #2256 5Inventory item #2330 5Inventory item #21
Inventory item #2324 2 to 5 random consumables
Inventory item #2325 3Inventory item #800

Grapes, Lemons, and Chili Peppers do not give extra rewards.


Elise.png Elise
Cost Reward
4Inventory item #2328 Badge #161
1Inventory item #2328 Cartouche #26
30Inventory item #2327 « Farmer »(406)
6Inventory item #2328 « Marathoner »(407)
6Inventory item #2328 « Green Thumb »(481) (New)
5Inventory item #2319 15Inventory item #2253
5Inventory item #2320 5Inventory item #2257
1Inventory item #2328 10Inventory item #800
1Inventory item #2328 15Inventory item #2257
Papaille.png Papaille
Cost Reward
10Inventory item #2323 1Inventory item #2317
5Inventory item #2326 1Inventory item #2467
3Inventory item #2323 1Inventory item #2312
3Inventory item #2324 1Inventory item #2313
3Inventory item #2325 1Inventory item #2314
3Inventory item #2326 1Inventory item #2315
3Inventory item #2327 1Inventory item #2316


  • This is the first event since 2014 to give clothing as a reward.
  • This is the first event in 2019 to give a new title.
  • The Daisy Seeds are a former consumable, not featured or obtainable. The only way daisies can be grown is via Mystery Seeds.
  • The entire map's edges can be wall jumped on, but there's a ceiling above the map.
  • If mystery seeds only yield daisies, it would take 243 of them for one chili pepper and 4384 to complete the whole event.
  • It is possible, albeit extremely rare, to get the chili pepper seed from a mystery seed. However, the lotus and the garlic seeds are not possible via mystery seed.



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