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For a list of vanilla maps, see Map/Vanilla.

Vanilla is a game mode added on 6 November 2010 (V0.117). Vanilla rooms only consist of maps created or approved by the administrators. Vanilla maps play both in vanilla rooms and normal rooms.

The purpose of vanilla is to get new players on an easy start.


Vanilla rooms are defined the same way as bootcamp rooms. As long as "vanilla' is in the title of the room it will behave as a vanilla room. If you put both "vanilla" AND "bootcamp" in a room title the room will be made into a bootcamp room. It is possible to put any character in the /room name, as long as vanilla is part of the text string, for it to be a vanilla room; for example, "/room bobby vanilla".

Pressing the "Vanilla" option in the menu takes you to a vanilla room, in a similar fashion like logging in.


  • V0.147: user-created maps removed from vanilla.
  • V1.421: skills disabled from being used in vanilla, as part of the Christmas 2017 event.[1]
  • V1.438: skills enabled in vanilla again.



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