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Valentine's Day 2021 is the 10th Valentine's Day event on Transformice. You must identify and nuzzle your soulmate to receive a Inventory item #2236. The event also features heart-shaped shaman nails, a Valentine's Day daily quest, new decorations, new consumable paintbrushes Consumable #2513 Consumable #2514 and costumes Consumable #2515 Consumable #2516.



Valentine's Day 2021


You must identify and nuzzle your soulmate using the Kiss Event Emote.png nuzzle emote found under the Emote plus-icon.png icon. Once you nuzzle your soulmate, you will earn a heart 1Inventory item #2236, 1Consumable #2257, 5Consumable #800 and random consumables. Soulmates in this event must not be confused with married soulmates on your profile.

An example of a soulmate's name being unknown.

You can find your soulmate either through guessing, which works best in small rooms, or by nuzzling mice to find out a random letter of your soulmate's username. This appears at top left of your screen and is like a game of hangman. If your soulmate leaves the room or dies due being idle, you would be assigned a new soulmate.

If there are an uneven number of mice in the room, then one mouse would be two players' soulmate. This one mouse would have to nuzzle both of the players.

Map mechanics[]

The round lasts 3 minutes and players spawn in 3 different parts of the map: the left (right under the heart board), the middle (below the Ferris wheel) and the right (the garden of thorns).

The grounds contain some sort of friction, for the most part. The map also has various peaks and not much flat ground, making finding a spot to nuzzle your soulmate somewhat limited. This is the only challenging part of the map, since death is not possible unless hectic physics is a factor.

Crane.png Bug
Valentine's Day 2016 Stuck.png
Due to the friction of the garden of thorns, you may get stuck on gaps like these, preventing you from completing the event. To escape, you need to throw a consumable, like a snowball.


This event offers the following chests:
  • Consumable #2473 a global chest;
  • Consumable #2491 an event-specific chest.
Both reward one random shop item, title, badge, or cartouche. The global one—from any event. The event-specific one—from any Valentine's Day event.

See here for a list of all rewards from the event-specific chest.

Adventure Calendar[]

The bride and groom costume rewards shown are for a player whose gender is set as none. If your gender is set as male, you would get 10Consumable #2516,15Consumable #2516,20Consumable #2516 groom costumes instead. If your gender is set as female, you would get 10Consumable #2515,15Consumable #2515,20Consumable #2515 bride costumes instead.

Rewards Requirement Adventure points
25Consumable #22575Consumable #25155Consumable #2516 Collect 15 hearts Inventory item #2236 20
25Consumable #22577Consumable #25157Consumable #2516 Collect 25 hearts Inventory item #2236 20
25Consumable #225710Consumable #251510Consumable #2516 Collect 45 hearts Inventory item #2236 20


Fleur.png Fleur
Cost Reward
20Inventory item #2236 Head item #210 (New)
25Inventory item #2236 Badge #303 (New)
30Inventory item #2236 « Brioche heart »(494) (New)
50Consumable #2257 1Consumable #2491
5Consumable #2472 1Consumable #2473
2Inventory item #2236 1Consumable #2257
50Consumable #2257 1Consumable #2472

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