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The fourth Valentine's Day event started on 14 February 2014 in V1.138. The objective was to exchange presents between friends/soulmates by saying love phrases in French to each other. One could have done this by sitting in one of the chairs on the event map with a soulmate in the chair next to you.

Using the sitting emote didn't work, one would have to sit by clicking the chair.

Also, the event added the option to marry other mice, accessible via the friend list.

Event changes[]

Due to the event, some shaman objects have changed. Also, the implementation of marriage changed a bit of the friend list and the profile.

Marriage and Divorce[]

Megaphone.png Main article: Marriage

To marry someone, one has to enter another username in the box and then click the marriage button. This request then has to be accepted by the mouse.


In order to divorce with a mouse, remove them from your friend list and then re-add them. Marriage cannot reoccur until one hour after the divorce.


The Valentine's Day map

The map is a café in Paris, inside the café there are chairs, which you are going to use to sit and say the phrases.

The love phrases in French as they appear in the map


Phrase English translation
je t'aime I love you
vous habitez chez vos parents You live with your parents
j'ai faim I'm hungry
bon appetit Enjoy your meal
j'aime les sushis I like sushi
j'adore les sushis I love sushi
voulez vous danser avec moi ce soir Would you like to dance with me tonight
mon chocolat My chocolate
bonjour Hello
bonsoir Good evening
merci Thank you
mon petit sucre My little sugar
mon amour My love
veux tu m'epouser Would you marry me
tu as de beaux yeux You have beautiful eyes
je pense a toi I think of you
tu es la plus belle You are the most beautiful
ma petite baguette My little baguette
fais moi un bisous Give me a kiss
mon petit croissant My little croissant



# Title Achievement
210 « Alluring Mouse »(210) Say 5 phrases correctly in the Valentine's Day map
249 « Omelettovore »(249) Say 10 phrases correctly in the Valentine's Day map
313 « Just Married »(313) (New) Say 20 phrases correctly in the Valentine's Day map
250 « My Cutie Pie »(250) Say 40 phrases correctly in the Valentine's Day map
212 « Latin Lover »(212) Say 60 phrases correctly in the Valentine's Day map
315 « Broken Heart »(315) (New) Say 80 phrases correctly in the Valentine's Day map
294 « I Cheese You »(294) Say 100 phrases correctly in the Valentine's Day map
211 « Tempter/Temptress »(211) Say 150 phrases correctly in the Valentine's Day map
314 « Candy Apple »(314) (New) Say 200 phrases correctly in the Valentine's Day map
251 « Fiancé/Fiancée »(251) Say 300 phrases correctly in the Valentine's Day map
316 « Honeymoon »(316) (New) Say 500 phrases correctly in the Valentine's Day map


Items in this event where purchasable after the event ended for cheese / fraise.

Image Name Type Cost
(pink hearts)
Eye item #9 Mascara Eye 10 2011
Neck item #5 Neck Tie Neck 20 2011
Ear item #6 Heart Earring Ear 30 2011
Neck item #11 Bow Tie Neck 50 2012
Ear item #13 Rose Headband Ear 70 2012
Neck item #12 Parasol Neck 100 2012
Mouth item #38 Candy Apple Mouth 150 2014
Mouth item #28 Bouquet Mouth 200 2013
Tail item #4 Heart Tail 300 2013
Mouth item #27 Chocolate box Mouth 400 2013
Head item #114 Teddybear Head 500 2014

These items were only purchasable as normal items.

Image Name Type
Tail item #11 Marriage rings Tail
Fur #25 Heart Fur Fur

The message posted by admins in the forum[]

Love is in the air! And what’s more romantic than a date in Paris? Take your soulmate to the best restaurant in the city, enjoy the beautiful view of the Eiffel tower and whisper lovely words while staring into each other's eyes.


Strive to be the most romantic lovers, thanks to the Valentine's French monitor! Whisper sweet words in French to your valentine by typing what's written on the screen. If you get at least X sentences right, your love will be enhanced and you'll be granted titles and items.

Take your date to the next level. As Papaille and Elise did, ask your lover’s hand in marriage and share your love with the entire community. Click on the “marriage” button (available in the friend list) to marry your soulmate.

Your partner's name will be visible on your profile and a new icon will appear next to their name in-game. And that's not all! You will also play together in double shaman maps and fight maps. (/!\Your soulmate won't gain any saves and their points will not be lost.)

Suit up! Put on your best clothes for your date. One brand-new fur and 2 new items are also available in the shop. These items will be available ONLY during the event.


  • Marriage was released alongside this event.