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Valentine's Day 2013 event's main objective was catching the hearts on the event map. With these hearts you could buy event-exclusive items, as well as unlock exclusive titles.



During this event your aim is to gather hearts! These are only available on the Valentine’s day map. When you gather enough hearts, you will be able to purchase the special items! At the end of each event, you won’t be able to purchase these items anymore!

There are three different maps. You can gather up to 4-11 hearts on each map!

Take care little mouse, the way is full of perils and pitfalls! You may fail if you’re not quick enough and/or if you touch a skull mark! Pay attention and don’t forget to take bonuses!

Defilante heart.png +1 heart in the shop
Defilante speed.png Increase your mouse speed
Defilante spring.png Small trampoline
Defilante mort.png Faiiiiiiil! ^_^


This Valentine's Day event consisted of three maps. Each map was similar to what later became defilante; you would use powerups to navigate the maps. Some powerups would help you, while other would kill you.

Map 3's layout was similar to the Valentine's 2012 map; the setting is also a restaurant decorated Valentine's-themed decorations and objects. However, the map for this year was less detailed.


Buying event items earned a random title each time:


Valentine's Day 2013 shop.png
Image Name Type Heart-currency.png Valentine's Day
Event Year Release
Eye item #9 Eyeliner and Mascara Eyes 10 2011
Neck item #5 Neck Tie Neck 20 2011
Ear item #6 Heart Earring Ears 50 2011
Neck item #11 Bow Tie Neck 60 2012
Ear item #13 Rose headband Ears 100 2012
Neck item #12 Parasol Neck 100 2012
Mouth item #27 Heart-shaped candy box Mouth 150 2013
Mouth item #28 Bouquet Mouth 200 2013
Tail item #4 Heart Tail 300 2013




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