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Utility is a module that is designed to give a useful set of tools and features for using both in the tribehouse and out.

Room types[]

Room name Effect
#utility Public room
#utility0[username#tag] The user with that username has power in that room. Use "!pw [password]" to keep it private.
#utility0[tribe name] Anyone may enter, but only tribe members have power.
Using "/module utility" in tribehouse—everyone in room has power.

In the above types, "0" can be any number, and "[username#tag]" is your username including the tag.


These commands can be typed in chat in a utility room for the following results.

Administrative commands[]

Command Effect
!admin [name] Grants a player admin rights (note: admin rights can't be removed unless you type !unadmin [name] in the chatbox)
!clear Removes all spawned objects
!c [message] or !t [message] Private chat with other room administrators
!lock Toggles locking the room, which spams every non-admin as long as they're in the room, trying to get them to leave
!time [amount] Extends the amount of time left in the game (100000 for unlimited)
!pw [password] Set password
!r [name] or !respawn [name] Respawns player
!np [#] or !map [#] Choose a map by number (e.g. !np 1, !np 2 or !map 1, !map 2)
!kill [name] Kills a specific user
!unadmin [name] Takes away admin rights from a player

Fun commands[]

Command Effect
!conj, !conj [name] or !conj all Let a player spawn conjuration by clicking
!fireworks Creates effects of fireworks all over the place!
!explosion Causes explosions wherever you click
!disco Names change colors randomly
!draw Enables you to draw in the game
!fly, !fly [name], !fly on, !fly off Use the space bar to fly. Type command again to disable it
!snow Toggles snowing on and off.

FFA commands[]

Command Effect
!ffa Makes you shoot cannons when you duck
!ffa [name] Enables FFA for the player
!ffa all Enables FFA for everyone in the room
!ffa off Turns FFA off

Other commands[]

Command Effect
!cheese [name] Gives player cheese
!checkpoint Enables checkpoints in the room
!win [name] Lets player get cheese and enter hole instantly
!s [name], !s all Makes player shaman
!omo [your message] Puts your message on the screen (click on the screen to place your message)
!spawn [id] [x] [y] [amount] [angle] [xv] [yv] Spawns an object. Only id is required. See Object IDs below
!addspawn [id] [x] [y] [amount] [angle] [xv] [yv] Spawns a shaman object at this point every second
!removespawns Stops objects from !addspawn spawning
!map Sets any map you want
!map adventure Load a random event map

Object IDs[]

Megaphone.png Main article: List of objects by ID

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