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Unotfm is a module based on the card game UNO. It can be accessed by going to room #unotfm.

By pressing the "Menu" tab at the bottom left corner, you can access:

Chairs and panels can be accessed by clicking "Inventory" at the bottom right corner.

There must be at least 2 players to start a new game and the maximum number of players is 8, although 15 mice can be in the room. Guests can't play.

Every 15th day of every month is Mess Day, so the room #unotfm0#event (or any unotfm room that ends with #event) will only run maps with the Mess rule.

How to play[]

An available chair

When a new game begins, you may run and sit at an empty chair (pressing Space). The game will start in 15 seconds.

Get rid of all your cards on your hand to win the game. Each player must discard a card per round. The discarded card must have the number, colour or symbol same as the one that's showing up at the table.

In case you don't have a card matching the one on the table to discard, you must draw a card from the deck by clicking on it. If the card you drew matches the one on the table, you can discard it. If it does not match, you can pass your turn.

Look at cards and their effects below for more information.

There are also special rules which may appear in some matches. Stay aware of the rules by looking at the top left corner of the table, which is below the >>>. You can click the rules for more details. Some rules add new cards, while others change the gameplay.

House rules[]

House rules are additional rules that can appear in some matches.

A list of all house rules can be accessed in the bottom left corner menu, or by pressing U.

To unlock a house rule and be able to use it in a private room, players have to win a game with this particular house rule in effect, in a normal room.

Image Name Description
Uno-house rule-No Challenge.png
No Challenge The wild +4 card can't be challenged anymore.
Uno-house rule-Mini.png
Mini Everyone starts with 4 cards.
Uno-house rule-Maxi.png
Maxi Everyone starts with 9 cards.
Uno-house rule-No Action.png
No Action The deck consists only of numerical and wild cards.
Uno-house rule-Clean Finish.png
Clean Finish You can only win the game if your last card is a numerical card.
Uno-house rule-No Combo.png
No Combo You can't block drawing cards anymore.
Uno-house rule-Super Combo.png
Super Combo You can block drawing cards with any card that has a + on it.
Uno-house rule-Hell.png
Hell Action cards can be played over any other action card, of any color.
Uno-house rule-Satisfaction.png
Satisfaction You must keep drawing cards until you find a playable card.
Uno-house rule-Unsatisfied.png
Unsatisfied When you draw a card, you pass your turn automatically.
Uno-house rule-Camouflage.png
Camouflage You can't see anyone's number of cards until they have only 1 card left.
Uno-house rule-Flash.png
Flash You only have 5 seconds to play!
Uno-house rule-Time Limit.png
Reduced Time After 6 minutes, the player whose hand is worth the least points wins.
Uno-house rule-Jump-In.png
Jump-In If you have the exact same card that's on the table, you can play it even if it's not your turn.
Uno-house rule-Black Cards.png
Black Cards If you play the exact same card as the top card, it turns into a black one. Only a card with the same number or symbol can be played on it.
Uno-house rule-Revelation.png
Revelation The top card of the deck is visible to everyone.
Uno-house rule-Stacking.png
Stacking You can play several cards with the same numerical value in one turn.
Uno-house rule-Sequence.png
Sequence You can play several cards of the same color, as long as they form a numerical sequence.
Uno-house rule-Perfection.png
Perfection If you play a number card that is equal to the number of cards in your hand, you can play again.
Uno-house rule-Tracking.png
Tracking When you draw a card, you get the option to choose one of three cards.
Uno-house rule-Mulligan.png
Mulligan When the game starts, you can change your hand with a new one.
Uno-house rule-Overload.png
Overload Players with more than 10 cards get eliminated.
Uno-house rule-Limbo.png
Limbo Whoever exceeds the limit of cards in hand will be eliminated. The limit starts at 12 cards and reduces by 1 every minute.
Uno-house rule-Fast Draw.png
Fast Drawing Drawn cards are played immediately (unless they are drawn due to a penalty).
Uno-house rule-Hard Mode.png
Hard Mode If you click on an invalid card, you pass your turn. If you are challenged for not saying UNO, you draw 4 cards.
Uno-house rule-Shiny Hand.png
Shiny Hand Players holding a wild card or at least one card of each color will have their hand highlighted.
Uno-house rule-Neighbor.png
Neighbor Cards of equal numerical value no longer match. They only match cards of a value either higher or lower by 1.
Uno-house rule-Team Match.png
Team Match Each player has a partner. If one of them wins, both players win.
Uno-house rule-Mess.png
Mess The deck consists only of action cards.
Uno Blue and Green.png
Blue and Green Blue and green cards will be treated as if they were the same color.
Uno-house rule-NO U.png
NO U You can play Reverse Cards to counterattack card draws.
Uno-house rule-Peace Card.png
Peace Card When you play this card, action cards will have no effect in the next two turns.
Uno-house rule-Sudden Death Card.png
Sudden Death Card After playing this card, anyone who can't play a card or make a mistake will be eliminated.
Uno-house rule-Donate Card.png
Donate Card When you play this card, give a random card from your hand to a player of your choice.
Uno-house rule-Trade Card.png
Trade Card When you play this card, you exchange cards with a player of your choice.
Uno-house rule-Treadmill Card.png
Treadmill Card When you play this card, everyone passes their cards to the next player.
Uno-house rule-Dancing Chairs Card.png
Dancing Chairs Card When you play this card, all the other players' chairs randomly change positions.
Uno-house rule-Clairvoyance Card.png
Clairvoyance Card When you play this card, every other player will reveal a random card of their hand.
Uno-house rule-Rain Card.png
Rain Card When you play this card, all other players draw 1 card.
Uno-house rule-Equality Card.png
Equality Card When you play this card, every player either draws or discards cards until everyone has 3 cards.
Uno-house rule-Emote Card.png
Emote Card When you play this card, everyone must perform the emote being shown. The last player to do so, draws 2 cards.
Uno-house rule-Meep! Card.png
Meep! Card When you play this card, you gain the Meep power!
Uno-house rule-Mysterious Card.png
Mysterious Card This card activates a random effect when played.
Uno-house rule-Bomb Card.png
Bomb Card If you draw this card, you get eliminated.
Uno-house rule-Rule Card.png
Rule Card When you play this card, add a new rule to the current round.
Uno-house rule-Mad Chess.png
Mad Chess If you play a chess piece over another piece, activate the previous piece's effect. Click here to see the various effects.
Uno-house rule-Recycling Card.png
Recycling Card When you play this card, every other player discards 1 action card and draws 1 card, provided they own one.
Uno-house rule-Web Card.png
Web Card When you play this card, chose a player who will lose his next turn.
Uno-house rule-Thunder Card.png
Thunder Card When you play this card, two random players draw 1-5 cards.
Uno-house rule-Cloning Card.png
Cloning Card This card activates the same effect as the previous card.
Uno-house rule-Luck Card.png
Luck Card When you play this card, your next drew card will be a playable card in that turn.
Uno-house rule-Gift Card.png
Gift Card When you play this card, everyone gains a Mystery Card, which activates a random effect.
Uno-house rule-Wish Card.png
Wish Card When you play this card, you exchange a random card from your hand with one from the discard pile.
Uno-house rule-Ink Card.png
Ink Card When you play this card, every colored card on the next player's hand turns the color of your ink card.
Uno-house rule-Confusion Card.png
Confusion Card When you play this card, you will play a random card on your next turn.
Uno-house rule-Potato Card.png
Potato Card When you play this card, put it to a player's hand. Whoever keeps this card in hand for 5 turns will be eliminated.
Uno-house rule-Curse Card.png
Curse Card When you play this card, inflict a random curse to everyone for a few turns.
Uno-house rule-Magnet Card.png
Magnet Card When you play this card, discard every card that has your magnet card's color.
Uno-house rule-Portal Card.png
Portal Card Two matches are taking place at the same time. Play this card to switch between them.
Uno-house rule-Search Card.png
Search Card When you play this card 3 times, you receive the Treasure Card. When you play that one, you automatically win the game.
Uno-house rule-Tornado Card.png
Tornado Card When you play this card, you shuffle the other players' cards.
Uno-house rule-Robbery Card.png
Robbery Card When you play this card, you force a player to give you a wild card, provided they have one.
Uno-house rule-Banishment Card.png
Banishment Card When you play this card, choose one of three cards your hand and remove from the game every card matching its symbol.
Uno-house rule-Simon's Card.png
Simon's Card When you play this card, repeat, in order, the colors of previous Simon's Cards. Fail & draw 1 card. Succeed & choose the next color.
Uno-house rule-Authority Card.png
Authority Card Draw only half of the cards while holding this card in your hand.
Uno-house rule-Paradox Card.png
Paradox Card When you play this card, send a random card from your hand to your hand in your next match.
Uno-house rule-Traffic Light Card.png
Traffic Light Card When you play this card, you won't be able to win with either odds or evens (randomly chosen). Playing this card again changes it.
Uno-house rule-Imitation Card.png
Imitation Card When you play this card, choose a player. You will imitate their actions (play/draw cards) until your next turn.
Uno-house rule-Combo Cards.png
Combo Cards These cards active the two effects corresponding to their symbols.
Uno-house rule-Justice Card.png
Justice Card When you play this card, discard 1 card for each player with fewer cards than you.
Uno Lock Card.png
Lock Card When you play this card, lock two cards in every other player's hand for 1 turn.
Uno Sharing Card.png
Sharing Card When you play this card, give copies of your cards randomly to the other players (maximum 10 cards).
Uno Custom Card.png
Custom Card The room owner can put the effect they want on this card.
Uno house rule Wild +99.png
Wild +99[note 1] When you play this card, the next player will be eliminated by drawing too many cards. This card can be challenged.


Players are located in the house rules list but have an icon (Uno-player.png) to the left of the name.

Image Name Description
Uno-house rule-Elise.png
Elise She plays fair.
Uno Charlotte.png
Charlotte She draws cards using the Tracking rule and she cannot be eliminated.
Uno Elisah.png
Elisah She starts with 3 Curse Cards and she is immune to Curses.
Uno Von Drekkemaus.png
Von Drekkemaus He is immune to Thunder cards and he draws cards using the Tracking rule.
Uno Buffy.png
Buffy She's still learning how to play, so she starts with only 5 cards.
Uno Jingle.png
Jingle He donates two cards instead of one and he draws cards using the Tracking rule.
Uno Papaille.png
Papaille He starts with 9 cards, draws cards using the Fast Drawing rule and cannot receive card donations.
Uno Snowy.png
Snowy If eliminated, he distributes his cards to the other players.
Uno Icemice.png
Icemice Whenever he draws cards, another random player will draw 1 card.

Mad Chess[]

Image Name Description
Uno-house rule-Mad Chess-Pawn.png
Pawn The previous player draws 1 card.
Uno-house rule-Mad Chess-Rook.png
Rook The previous player draws 2 cards.
Uno-house rule-Mad Chess-Knight.png
Knight The order of play is reversed and the next player draws 1 card and misses their turn.
Uno-house rule-Mad Chess-Bishop.png
Bishop Give 1 random card from your hand to the previous player.
Uno-house rule-Mad Chess-Queen.png
Queen The previous player will draw cards until they have 10 cards.
Uno-house rule-Mad Chess-King.png
King Give all your cards, except one, to the previous player.


The settings can be accessed in the bottom left corner menu, or by pressing O.

  • Colorblind Mode (may cause lag)
  • Ring the bell when it's your turn (activate Transformice sounds)
  • Card shadows (may cause lag)
  • Ask for confirmation before challenging a +4 card


The profile can be accessed in the bottom left corner menu, or by pressing P. It displays:

  • Medals
  • Victories
  • Rounds played
  • Chairs unlocked
  • Current chair
  • Team victories
  • Rounds watched


Medals, also known as badges, are awarded by defeating NPCs in the event map. The event map appears randomly in public rooms with 6 or more players. NPCs appear in their respective seasons:

  • February = Charlotte
  • May = Elisah
  • October = Von Drekkemaus and Buffy
  • December = Jingle and Papaille, Snowy and Icemice

If you don't want to wait for the event map, you can go to the room #unotfm0#event (or any unotfm room that ends with #event) on a special date to play it immediately:

  • Charlotte = 2 February
  • Elisah = 1 May
  • Von Drekkemaus and Buffy = 31 October
  • Jingle, Papaille, Snowy and Icemice = 25 December
Medal Achievement
Uno-profile picture-default.png
Uno-profile picture-beta.png
Play during the beta release
Uno profile picture painting.png
Defeat Von Drekkemaus
Uno profile picture present.png
Defeat Jingle and Papaille
Uno profile picture Charlotte.png
Defeat Charlotte
Uno profile picture Elisah.png
Defeat Elisah
Uno profile picture heart.png
Defeat Von Drekkemaus and Buffy
Uno profile picture tree.png
Defeat Snowy and Icemice

Cards and their effects[]

Card Effect when played
Skip The next player will lose his/her turn.
Draw Two This card makes the next player draw two cards and lose his/her turn. If the next player has this card, he/she can discard it and the next player will need to draw two cards if he/she does not have this card.
Reverse This card changes the direction of the game. If there are only two players, it'll have the same effect as the skip card.
Wild You can discard this card at any point of time in the game. You have the power of choosing the colour of the card the next player has to discard.
Wild Draw Four You can discard a Wild Draw Four card when you don't have a matching card left. The next player can challenge an unfair Wild Draw Four card (if the last player discarded this card when he/she still has a matching card. If the player challenged correctly, the player who will have to draw four cards is the one who discarded it and the player who received the Wild Draw Four card will not lose his/her turn. However, if the player challenged wrongly, he/she will have to draw six cards.

These are the cards you may get in your deck:


If you discard a Wild Draw Four Card and a player Challenges you correctly, you will get 4 cards.

If you discard a Wild Draw Four Card and a player Challenges you wrongly, the player will get 6 cards.

Wild Draw Four.png

If someone challenges you when you did not press UNO (when you only have 1 card left), you will get 2 cards. So be careful!



You can change the style of your chair by pressing "Inventory" at the bottom right corner or C and selecting the style that you want!

Image Name Unlocked by (as written in the game) Unlock notes Creator
Uno-chair-Gray Armchair.png Gray Armchair Default Melibellule #0001
Uno-chair-Mysterious Throne.png Mysterious Throne This turns into a random chair (that you already own) ???
Uno-chair-Red Armchair.png Red Armchair Winning with a red card Fofinhoppp #0000
Uno-chair-Blue Armchair.png Blue Armchair Winning with a blue card Fofinhoppp #0000
Uno-chair-Yellow Armchair.png Yellow Armchair Winning with a yellow card Fofinhoppp #0000
Uno-chair-Green Armchair.png Green Armchair Winning with a green card Fofinhoppp #0000
Uno-chair-White Armchair.png White Armchair Winning with a wild card Fofinhoppp #0000
Uno Cyan.png Cyan Armchair Winning with a cyan card Fofinhoppp #0000
Uno Orange.png Orange Armchair Winning with an orange card Fofinhoppp #0000
Uno Pink.png Pink Armchair Winning with a pink card Fofinhoppp #0000
Uno Purple.png Purple Armchair Winning with a purple card Fofinhoppp #0000
Uno Black.png Black Armchair Winning with a white card Fofinhoppp #0000
Uno-chair-Fire Throne.png Fire Throne Winning 100 times with a red card Ninguem #0095
Uno-chair-Water Throne.png Water Throne Winning 100 times with a blue card Ninguem #0095
Uno-chair-Earth Throne.png Earth Throne Winning 100 times with a yellow card Ninguem #0095
Uno-chair-Air Throne.png Air Throne Winning 100 times with a green card Ninguem #0095
Uno-chair-Rainbow Throne.png Rainbow Throne Winning 100 times with a wild card Miau #0015
Uno Toxicity.png Toxicity Throne Winning 15 times with a cyan card Chuckfodex #0000
Uno Thunder.png Thunder Throne Winning 15 times with an orange card Qadori #0000
Uno Crystal.png Crystal Throne Winning 15 times with a pink card Sulyvahn #1958
Uno Darkness.png Darkness Throne Winning 15 times with a purple card Arki #0113
Uno Light.png Light Throne Winning 15 times with a white card White_pudim #0000
Uno-chair-Wooden Chair.png Wooden Chair Playing 100 games Kurt #0010
Uno-chair-Stone Bench.png Stone Bench Playing 1000 games Kurt #0010
Uno-chair-Cat's Pouf.png Cat's Pouf Playing 2500 games Qadori #0000
Uno-chair-Garden.png Garden Playing 5000 games Qadori #0000
Uno-chair-Friend Armchair.png Friend Armchair Playing 7500 games Arki #0113
Uno-chair-Anvil Throne.png Anvil Throne Playing 10000 games Ninguem #0095
Uno-chair-Golden Throne.png Golden Throne Winning 100 times Ninguem #0095
Uno-chair-Diamond Throne.png Diamond Throne Winning 1000 times Miau #0010
Uno-chair-Unicorn Pillow.png Unicorn Pillow Winning 2000 times unknown player
Uno-chair-Cheese Throne.png Cheese Throne Winning 3000 times Miau #0015
Uno-chair-Football Throne.png Football Throne Blocking +2 or +4 100 times Awesync #8255
Uno-chair-King Throne.png King Throne Winning blocking a +2 or +4 Flindix #0095
Uno-chair-Lucky Throne.png Lucky Throne Winning without drawing any cards Ninguem #0095
Uno-chair-Chocolate Throne.png Chocolate Throne Winning in less than 1 minute Qadori #0000
Uno Angelic.png Angelic Throne Winning without the timer appearing during your turn Sulyvahn #1958
Uno-chair-Hell Throne.png Hell Throne Making someone draw 16 cards at once Ninguem #0095
Uno-chair-Cards Throne.png Cards Throne Drawing 16 cards at once Ninguem #0095
Uno Junk.png Junk Throne Winning after accumulating 15+ cards in your hand Sulyvahn #1958
Uno-chair-Trash Throne.png Trash Throne Having more than 25 cards in your hand, without intentional draws Chuckfodex #0000
Uno-chair-Shaman Throne.png Shaman Throne Accumulating 3000 points in a room Ninguem #0095
Uno-chair-Beach Chair.png Beach Chair Watching 100 games Ninguem #0095
Uno-chair-Cinema Chair.png Cinema Chair Watching 1000 games Ninguem #0095
Uno-chair-Newspaper Armchair.png Newspaper Armchair Watching 2500 games Ninguem #0095
Uno-chair-Radio.png Radio Watching 5000 games Chuckfodex #0000
Uno-chair-Television.png Television Watching 7500 games Chuckfodex #0000
Uno-chair-Computer.png Computer Watching 10000 games White_pudim #0000
Uno-chair-Candy Throne.png Candy Throne Unlocking all house rules Ninguem #0095
Uno-chair-Fraise Throne.png Fraise Throne Winning with a fraise Win while wearing the strawberry mouth item (Mouth item #19) Ninguem #0095
Uno-chair-Illuminati Throne.png Illuminati Throne Have all four +4 cards in your hand Ninguem #0095
Uno-chair-Pot of Gold.png Pot of Gold When every card in your starting card has the same color Himnafor #0000
Uno-chair-Elemental Throne.png Elemental Throne Playing all four zeros (one of each color) in the same game Konamice23 #2842
Uno-chair-Gift Throne.png Gift Throne Winning donating a card from your hand Water_puddle #8159
Uno-chair-Throne of Love.png Throne of Love Donating 5 or more cards at once Chuckfodex #0000
Uno-chair-Bog.png Bog Finishing a match without having the opportunity to play Take your seat, leave the room, take the same seat again, leave the room again, return and stay in the room without taking a seat until the match ends Miau #0015
Uno-chair-Iron Throne.png Iron Throne Winning 3 +4's challenges in a row without losing Konamice23 #2842
Uno-chair-Breakfast.png Breakfast Winning 100 Team Matches Himnafor #0000
Uno-chair-Throne of Gluttony.png Throne of Gluttony Winning 250 Team Matches Konamice23 #2842
Uno-chair-Skull Throne.png Skull Throne Winning by elimination Qadori #0000
Uno-chair-Bone Throne.png Bone Throne Surviving Limbo rule until the limit is 4 cards Konamice23 #2842
Uno-chair-School Chair.png School Chair Sitting on the same chair 3 times in a row Ninguem #0095
Uno-chair-Time Throne.png Time Throne Winning by time expiration Ninguem #0095
Uno-chair-Pencil Throne.png Pencil Throne Playing a wild card over another 100 times Ninguem #0095
Uno-chair-Ivory Throne.png Ivory Throne Killing 25 pieces on Mad Chess rule Ninguem #0095
Uno-chair-Party Throne.png Party Throne Randomly by playing on private rooms Ninguem #0095
Uno-chair-Stream Throne.png Stream Throne Winning using the Treasure Card unknown player
Uno-chair-Psychedelic Armchair.png Psychedelic Armchair Winning with Mess rule Catoff #0000
Uno-chair-Potato Throne.png Potato Throne Winning with the Potato Card Himnafor #0000
Uno-chair-Tombstone.png Tombstone Challenging a player who did not say UNO White_pudim #0000
Uno-chair-Apple Throne.png Apple Throne When you get eliminated by your own Thunder Card Chuckfodex #0000
Uno-chair-Sea Armchair.png Sea Armchair When Elise wins as your teammate Qadori #0000
Uno-chair-Music Throne.png Music Throne When someone uses the Dancing Chairs Card and you remain in the same seat Awesync #8255
Uno-chair-Popcorn Throne.png Popcorn Throne Winning by using the Jump-in rule Chuckfodex #0000
Uno-chair-Throne of Wonders.png Throne of Wonders Winning once on each side of the Portal White_pudim #0000
Uno-chair-Cuphead.png Cuphead Having 1 card left on both sides of the Portal Himnafor #0000
Uno-chair-Astral Throne.png Astral Throne When you and every other player have 1 card in hand (minimum 6 players) Ninguem #0095
Uno-chair-Camouflage Armchair.png Camouflage Armchair Winning a game without saying UNO Dududuzaooo #0000
Uno-chair-Lady's Throne.png Lady's Throne Stealing two +4 in the same game using the Robbery Card Catoff #0000
Uno-chair-Gothic Throne.png Gothic Throne When someone colors your cards black by using the Ink Card Qadori #0000
Uno-chair-Mecatopus.png Mecatopus Discarding 5 or more cards using the Magnet card White_pudim #0000
Uno-chair-Pumpkin Throne.png Pumpkin Throne Playing a +4 on a player stuck by a Web Card Chuckfodex #0000
Uno-chair-UFO.png UFO Winning due to a card being banished. unknown player
Uno-chair-Aquarium.png Aquarium There are freaks who say that mice evolved from fish. Win while wearing the fish ear item (Ear item #7) Subzeraah #0000
Uno-chair-Lifeboat.png Lifeboat Winning normally while Sudden Death is activated Subzeraah #0000
Uno-chair-Fountain.png Fountain Sacrificing a wild card to the Wish Card Subzeraah #0000
Uno-chair-Chimney.png Chimney Winning dressed as a pine tree Win while wearing the Christmas tree skin (Inventory item #13) Arki #0113
Uno-chair-Circus Throne.png Circus Throne Playing a +2 or +4 and ending up drawing the cards yourself Chuckfodex #0000
Uno-chair-Swans.png Swans Winning a Team Match with your soul mate Subzeraah #0000
Uno-chair-Cup of Coffee.png Cup of Coffee Staying in a room for more than 4 hours Morningstar #0010
Uno-chair-Hot Chocolate.png Hot Chocolate Winning 487.5 Team Matches Subzeraah #0000
Uno-chair-Space Throne.png Space Throne Placing 4 or more cards in the same turn Chuckfodex #0000
Uno-chair-Mermaid's Throne.png Mermaid's Throne Winning with your name colored green Konamice23 #2842
Uno-chair-Phone Booth.png Phone Booth Setting a 6-color sequence in Simon's Card Arki #0113
Uno-chair-Rose Quartz.png Rose Quartz Playing 5000 action cards White_pudim #0000
Uno-chair-Snowman.png Snowman Having someone eliminated by donating a card to them Tupac_shakur #4173
Uno-chair-Totoro.png Totoro Wearing an outfit similar to it (there are 2 items) Wear the Totoro fur or hat (Fur #81 or Head item #229) and the leaf (Head item #171 or Neck item #23). White_pudim #0000
Uno-chair-Van Gogh.png Van Gogh All players are using the same throne (minimum 8 players) White_pudim #0000
Uno-chair-Treasure Chest.png Treasure Chest Stealing the Treasure Card White_pudim #0000
Uno-chair-Refreshing Throne.png Refreshing Throne Donating a +4 to someone Arki #0113
Uno-chair-Flamingo.png Flamingo Winning a game with 5 or more rules White_pudim #0000
Uno-chair-Honey Throne.png Honey Throne Playing side by side with your teammate in a Team Match Chuckfodex #0000
Uno-chair-Old Armchair.png Old Armchair Winning a game without house rules Arki #0113
Uno-chair-Pineapple Throne.png Pineapple Throne Winning while your mouse is confused Chuckfodex #0000
Uno-chair-Sack of Potatoes.png Sack of Potatoes Playing the Potato Card twice in the same game Iho #5679
Uno-chair-Smartphone.png Smartphone Unlocked randomly by watching matches in a private room Tempo #5571
Uno-chair-Throne of the Plague.png Throne of the Plague Playing a match next to a player who is using this throne Ninguem #0095
Uno-chair-Shadow Armchair.png Shadow Armchair Winning a match during a full moon Albinoska #0000
Uno-chair-Throne Max 3000.png Throne Max 3000 Defeating 9 bots at once in a private room White_pudim #0000
Uno-chair-Bill's Statue.png Bill's Statue Winning due to the Imitation Card effect White_pudim #0000
Uno-chair-Unicorn.png Unicorn Tying White_pudim #0000
Uno Eggs and Toast.png Eggs and Toast Winning 600 Team Matches Arki #0113
Uno Pizza Box.png Pizza Box Winning 1000 Team Matches Arki #0113
Uno Samson.png Samson Locking every card of every opponent Iho #5679
Uno Chic.png Chic Armchair Playing daily for 7 days Arki #0113
Uno Asgore's.png Asgore's Throne Playing daily for 15 days White_pudim #0000
Uno Enchanted.png Enchanted Forest Winning with a pink Portal Card White_pudim #0000
Uno Kiss.png Kiss Armchair Donating to a player that donated to you Matheus #5306
Uno Mountain.png Mountain Winning using the Tornado Card during Sudden Death Chanyeol #8543
Uno Pikachu.png Pikachu's Armchair Winning with a Thunder Card Sulyvahn #1958
Uno Simpsons.png Simpsons' Sofa Winning with your mouse naked Arki #0113
Uno True Love.png True Love You and another player reverse the game 4 times in a row Artgir #0000
Uno Eclipse.png Eclipse Throne Winning a Team Match using a card identical to one of your partner's Aykv #0000
Uno Toothless.png Toothless Winning 10 games on the dark side of the Portal Sulyvahn #1958
Uno Lightfury.png Lightfury Winning 10 games on the light side of the Portal Sulyvahn #1958
Uno Kratos.png Kratos Playing an action card using the Hell rule Sulyvahn #1958
Uno Shenlong.png Shenlong The Wish Card offers you 3 equal options Sulyvahn #1958
Uno Spider.png Spider-Man Using the Web Card on the same player twice in a match Sulyvahn #1958


Image Name Quote Unlocked by Creator
None Do not use a panel. Default ???
Pic-nic When playing a red 0, donate a duplicate card to another player. Winning 300 times with a red card Ninguem #0095
Metal When playing a blue 0, a random player draws 1 to 2 cards. Winning 300 times with a blue card Ninguem #0095
Paper When playing a yellow 0, add a Wild card to your hand. Winning 300 times with a yellow card Ninguem #0095
Carpet When playing a green 0, discard a numerical card and draw 1 card to reset. Winning 300 times with a green card Ninguem #0095
Disco When an opponent plays a Wild card, your zeros have a 25% chance of becoming the color chosen by them. Winning 300 times with a wild card. Ninguem #0095
Cloud Begin the game with an extra action card. Winning 50 times with the Mess rule. Ninguem #0095
Circuit If you forgot to play a card, we'll play one for you (once per match). Defeating 9 bots in the same match (without rules). Ninguem #0095


ID Male title Female title Achievement
499 Foul Play Unlock all house rules
500 King of Thrones Queen of Thrones Unlock 120 chairs
501 UNO! Win 3,000 times




  1. This rule cannot be unlocked. It only appears on April Fool's Day or with the Rule Card.

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