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A troll is someone who intentionally does or says something annoying or offensive in order to upset someone, or to get attention or cause trouble.

Trolling is performing actions that are detrimental to the other mice. Trolls generally do this by finding ways to knock mice off the stage, blocking the exit or making it impossible for other mice to get the cheese, tricking players into jumping on invisible planks and falling into the pit, even if they are not the shaman, e.g. knocking off the items or obstructing the shaman’s build.

Trolls are generally unwelcome in Transformice and are sometimes votebanned (/ban *username* [more information in chat command]). Similar to trolling is the act of cheating, where somebody uses third party tools in order to gain an unfair advantage over the other players in the game.

Some players will voteban trolls, although it is rare for a troll to be votebanned due to there being 10 votes needed for the voteban to take effect, and the fact that trolling is very common, so most players won’t bother.

Sometimes troll maps play in vanilla rooms, especially during April Fool's Day.


The key of spotting trolling behavior is the voluntariness of the interaction. The trolling must be involuntarily forced onto the victim to be considered trolling. If the individual being trolled is voluntarily accepting the trolling, then it is not trolling by definition. (The same way that being mugged is involuntary and giving money to someone is voluntary.)

Trolling in Transformice[]

Trolling can be done by both shamans and mice. Mice trolling is much more common and can normally be more disruptive to gameplay. Shamans trolling, however, is much more abusive and is also short-lived due to the person only being shaman every so often (depending on how many players there are in the room).

According to the "Help/Rules" section of the game interface, trolling is generally not against the rules. This means that troll-like behavior cannot result in a ban from a moderator, however, mice are free to voteban the trolling player(s) if they disrupt the gaming experience of the innocent players.

Keep in mind, however, that votebanning for no real reason is against the game rules and will likely result in a ban.


Hackers are usually a type of troll who may anger other mice by cheating (i.e. manipulating the game's code in order to change the properties of their player mouse to, for example, alter their speed, make their player mouse able to walk on air [a.k.a. flying]). Hacking usually receives a 15-day ban (360 hours). If the offender does it again, they will receive a permanent ban from a moderator or an administrator.

Hacking is the most serious offense in the game and will result in the fastest and sometimes permanent bans and will likely have their account deleted.

Avoiding trolls[]

The best way to avoid trolls is to carefully choose the rooms that you play in. Sharing your gameplay time with friends you trust not to troll you in password-protected rooms is the wisest choice.

Trolling can be easily controlled depending on how together people are in-game. Trolls can be votebanned from people all together or controlled through players through counter-trolling the troll. Numerous tactics can be done against the troll, including some or all of the following:

  • Counter-trolling: Trolling the troll
  • Votebanning
  • Shaman contribution: The shaman will kill the troll at the beginning of the game.
  • Ignoring the troll: You can easily ignore verbal trolls by ignoring them, but if the trolls are doing things that affects gameplay, the best way to avoid them would be to switch rooms. Votebanning isn't very efficient as it's unlikely to go through, although you can voteban them as well and hope for the best. You can also simply not respond to them. If they are trolling and you get angry, the trolls win because getting people mad is their ultimate goal.

Troll methods as a shaman[]

In some maps, as a shaman, the trolls have to find ways to knock mice off the map, making it difficult for other mice to get the cheese, or tricking players into jumping on transparent planks so mice will fall off the map. Some shamans can create the anvil god by summoning several nailed anvils or by using an anvil god totem. Occasionally, this can crash the game for few (some or even all) players. Some shamans can also spam-summon objects (formerly by using the double-spawn glitch, but they often quickly use hotkeys now) to trap mice, e.g. covering them with multiple boxes and/or planks so the mice cannot escape on their own.

In longer maps that may take time to complete, shamans can jump off the map once (or twice if they have the Unburstable skill) to automatically reduce the time to 20 seconds. However, not all shamans that do this for trolling. They can simply be inexperienced players that are frightened by the map’s complexity (mostly on user-made maps), or if a map is breaking the game rules.

Some methods are:

  • Committing suicide to not help mice (often after causing some mayhem first) or doing nothing to assist mice in reaching the cheese.
  • Attempt knocking mice off the map by repeatedly summoning cannonballs.

Blocking the cheese and creating anvil gods

  • Blocking the cheese or the hole (often by placing a large box with a B-anchored plank) so mice cannot finish the room, whether because the map can be done without the assistance from the shaman or not.
  • Summoning an anvil god or variations of it.
  • Attaching balloons to themselves and not helping other mice. This act sometimes follows with dancing while floating upwards or attaching a board to the balloon and creating an anvil god on it.
  • Saying they are not going to kill the mice, then killing them (used in #prophunt and survivor).
  • If a mouse is wall jumping, there are variety of ways for the shaman to block or even knock them off, like dropping anvils, dropping large crates, summoning a medium plank (Or the big plank if they have the Big Plank skill activated) or summoning a cannonball.
Balloon spam.png
  • Spamming objects.
  • Trapping mice.
A shaman trolling using invisible planks
  • Trolling rushers by using invisible planks, when they expect it to be a visible one and rush'isly jump, leading them to death.

Troll uses of shaman items[]

Example of troll uses of various shaman items:

Item Troll Use
  • Lure mice into a compromising position
  • Spamming arrows (which may cause lag to players with poor computers)
  • If people are stuck on a far away ledge a spirit can knock them off
  • It can be used to kill or mess up a wall jumper's timing
  • Spam
  • Lifting necessary things off the map
  • Lifting caged mice to their deaths
  • Lifting AFK mice to their deaths
  • Pushing necessary things off the map
  • Pushing items into mice
  • Pushing mice around
Small box.png
Large box.png
Companion Crate.png
Boxes and Companion Crate
  • Spam (small and large only)
  • Building a more evaded and more difficult to avoid the box god (small and large respectively)
  • Can be used along with planks to block the mouse hole (large only and Companion Crate only in non-dual shaman maps)
  • Can be used alongside with cannonballs to kill AFKers or trolls (large only)
  • Traps a mouse (Companion Crate only)
  • Knocks mice off (large box or Companion Crate only)
  • Building anvil gods
  • Roadblock
  • Upsetting platforms
  • Knock wall jumpers off the map
  • Destroying bridges
  • Weighing down airships
  • Blocking hole and cheese
Small Plank skill.png
Small plank.png
Large plank.png
Long plank.png
Ice Plank.png
Chocolate Plank.png
Triangle box.png
S Plank.png
Planks (any)
  • Block off narrow corridors, walls or even holes
  • Block off further movement (medium and large only)
  • Creating fake bridges (medium and large only)
  • Attaching to a box to block hole (small and medium only)
  • Knocks off mice (ice, triangle and S-like only)
  • Traps mice (triangle only)
  • Spam
  • Building a car that will roll off the map
  • Making a ball god
  • Bounce users off map
  • Trampoline Singularity
Down cannonball.png
Left cannonball.png
Right cannonball.png
  • Knocks mice off the screen
  • Breaks necessary platforms.
  • The "downward" version is commonly used to kill/knock down wall jumpers.
Warp (In).png
Warp (Out).png
  • Changing the location of the already existent portal
  • Warping falling bombs to mice
  • Warping mice to their death.
  • Blocking important areas such as the mouse hole or the cheese (difficult to do, as a mouse can go through the other portal and easily reach the blocked objective.)
  • Trapping a mouse
  • Luring mice to their death (very useful along with the "Angel" and "Endurance" skills)

Troll methods as a mouse[]

The trolling abilities as a regular mouse mostly affect the shaman. For example, troll mice can run into a contraption that the shaman has built and knock it off the map (sometimes putting the shaman in the path of the build, and knocking them off the map with it). In collision maps, troll mice can be even more violent in their trolling, by deliberately pushing other mice off the map, mainly the shaman.

A more passive kind of trolling is just spamming emotes (such as dance or laugh), spamming emoticons, and ducking repeatedly towards the shaman to taunt them. The shaman may attempt to kill the mice by, for example, trying to knock them off the map using cannonballs, but this may waste time that can be used to complete the map. Some mice can also refuse to go into the hole to progress onto the next map, typically resulting in longer waiting times and the shaman not being able to go into the hole themself. However, clever shamans used the Easy Victory skill in order to get more saves, or the ice cubes in order to kill trolling mice. (The shaman will have more ice cubes available if they have allocated skill points in the Stern Mouse skill.)

Sometimes mice will intentionally kill themselves in order to prevent the shaman from getting saves, especially if they are stat padders.
Mice who are revived with the Ambulance skill may also use the /mort command after they are revived in order to make the shaman even angrier.


Trolling in Transformice - Consumables

Mice can also use consumables such as pufferfish, balls, snowballs, Jack-O-Lanterns, chickens, and energy orbs in order to push mice to their death. The best consumable with this trolling method is the snowball due to its range, knockback force, and dynamism.

Here are some examples:


Another way to troll as a mouse is to throw paper planes onto the shaman’s build in order to ruin it. This can also be used to move a box or Companion Crate that is blocking the hole, cheese, or pathway.

Other methods of passive trolling:

  • Wall jumping in an area and not stopping.
  • Typing disruptive or inappropriate comments in-game.
  • Killing themselves when there are few mice left in order to shorten time.
  • Banning random players
  • Kill the shaman by pushing him, but only in collision maps
  • Kill the shaman by pushing objects

Verbal trolling[]

Verbal trolling isn’t limited to just Transformice. It can take place where anyone can speak, be it in text or voice speech. Verbal trolling can be done by anyone (as long as they have the ability to speak in-game [muted players and guests cannot speak in the chat]). But in the game, depending on the severity of the case, verbal trolling can result in a mute, or even ban, from a moderator. Some words are prohibited to be used in the chat, namely ethnic and homophobic slurs. Inappropriate sex speak is also prohibited. Promoting political or religious subjects can also result in a punishment or warning, as they often result in flame wars. Players may deliberately break the rules in order to anger other mice and/or start a fight.[1]

However, there are forms of verbal trolling that are not rule-breaking, and thus more common. But they usually still involve minor insults, such as harassing others if they can’t wall-jump, or insulting the shaman if he/she can’t build properly. Sometimes, a player can reach an “island” of ground that is very difficult to access, and taunts other mice by chanting “Pro island” to possibly encourage other mice to try to get there, usually leading to mice falling off the map attempting to reach the “island.”

Verbal trolls often have a narcissistic personality when it comes to competition. They may be targeted by a shaman, but dodge all the attacks from the shaman and brag about their victory of not being knocked off the map. If they get first place (or sometimes anywhere near first), they may also chant of their victory.

Room dedicated to trolling[]

One room dedicated to trolling is /room troll. Typically, it is similar to the survivor minigame, except in normal maps. The shaman often uses many trolling techniques to prevent the mice from getting cheese. Blocking the mousehole is often not considered trolling, and may result in a voteban from the room.




The trollet is one of the easiest and most simple trolling techniques. The video on the right shows a possible way to make it. On some maps it may be of more use to make one of these than more than one rune. Please remember that trolling may get you votebanned, and you should only troll if you have the permission from the room’s players to do so, or if you can handle the risks and possible consequences.


Megaphone.png Main article: Favoritism

Favoritism, also known as favo, is the act of intentionally letting a specific player be the first mouse to enter the hole.

It can be used as a trolling method if the shaman kills all the mice and only values one mouse, or favos with the intentions of ruining the player's experience instead of letting this person have first.

Sometimes shamans will favo random people, people with whom they have not discussed this matter beforehand, in order to prevent stat padders from succeeding, or make other mice mad and ruin their chance of getting firsts.

Troll phrases[]

Usually trolling also ends up in chat phrases, to anger other players and to show things that other players could or could not do. Such as:

  • Some players will mock a player if they can not perform the wall jump technique.
  • Some players will insult the shaman if their build did not work efficiently or fast, or if it failed completely.
  • And finally, insulting anyone that is a guest or a new player is a rare thing, but does indeed happen.

Creative trolling[]

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Although this article focuses on some of the mean and disruptive ways of trolling, it is also possible to troll without being mean. Some shamans will, for example, intentionally build a bad build, or not help the mice, and then later help the mice after they have trolled them.


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Skills are also used for trolling.

Some shaman use the Angel skill or the Projection skill in the Wind Master skill tree on conjuration maps to fly away so that the mice are either stranded, or they fall to their death.

Shamans can get the Stern Mouse skill, also in the Wind Master skill tree, to be able to kill more mice with the ice cube item, even when the mice do not deserve it and have done nothing wrong.

Shamans can also use the Transformice skill, also in the Wind Master skill tree, to give other mice the ability to troll by transforming into different objects so that they can possibly block the hole, cheese, or pathways, or ruin the shaman’s build. This can also backfire on the shaman if they did not intend for such things to happen and they just wanted to have some fun.