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A tribe, also known as a clan or guild, is a group of mice with the ability to mass-chat to each other. You can play the game normally without creating or joining a tribe.

Tribes cost 500 cheese to create. A mouse from the tribe with recruitment powers can then invite other mice. If a tribe recruiter invites you to join their tribe, a pop-up window will appear and you will be asked if you would like to join.

To access/create your tribe, click on the shield icon with cheese in it found at the bottom-left of the game (next to the friend list button).

Currently, tribes have no other function but to show that a group of mice belong together and allow them to group chat with each other without being in the same room. The "/t" command allows you to chat within your tribe (T will also allow tribe chat). Joining a tribe with many members usually results in having your chat box spammed with messages, however as of V0.114a, the command "/mt" mutes/unmutes your tribe chat.

Tribe members can see what room the other members are in, even if they are not registered on each other's friend lists. Tribe members can also receive "ranks" from the leader or co-leader of the tribe. These ranks gives the member abilities to change the tribe by: recruiting; changing tribe members' ranks; changing the abilities attributed to each rank; and changing the welcome message.

The creator of a tribe is able to design and function the tribe. They can modify the members' rights (giving permissions to the tribe ranks (e.g. "Cooker - exclude members, invite members") and validate the greeting message. This is the message that is shown in green letters every time you login to Transformice. A greeting message also always starts with a "[^_^]", whether the tribe wants it to or not (e.g. "[^_^]Welcome!").

Chat commands[]

Various features of the tribe are only available by utilizing tribe-specific chat commands, such as inviting players, playing videos, playing modules, etc.

Creating a tribe[]

Tribes can be created by any member on Transformice for a payment of 500 cheese. Two tribes cannot have the same name; e.g. if someone makes a tribe called "MyTribeName", no one else will be able to create a tribe called "MyTribeName". You cannot change your tribe's name after creation[1] and you are able to quit a tribe by opening up the tribe screen, finding your name on the list, and clicking on the "X" on the top right of your "card".

To create a tribe you must click on the tribe icon while you are not in a tribe.

Joining a tribe[]

You can find a tribe to join either on the forum, or you can ask someone if they would invite you into the tribe. Once invited, you will see a popup message asking you to join a tribe. You can accept, decline or ignore all further invitations from the tribe which invited you.

Some players search for new players and invite them into their tribe, in order to make it bigger. It is advised to join tribes who actually contact you before hand and actually ask you if you want to join them, before sending you invitations.

It should be noted a tribe may have a maximum of 2,000 tribe members, active or not. The only exception are some tribes that had between 2,000 and 5,000 member before the November 2013 community platform update, who retained their members, but may not add new ones.[2]

Leaving a tribe[]

To leave a tribe, members can go to the tribe screen and press the "X" beside their name, or if you go on the tribe screen and hit options, a button will say leave tribe. Also, some tribes will either drop you a rank or kick you out if you ask for a higher rank.

If you're the leader of the tribe, you first need to assign someone else the leader (by clicking the little dot near their name and selecting the option) or dissolve the tribe.

Default tribe ranks[]

  • Stooge
  • Cooker
  • Soldier
  • Treasurer
  • Recruiter
  • Hunteress
  • Initiated
  • Shaman Apprentice
  • Tribe's Shaman
  • Spiritual Chief

After the release of the community platform, custom ranks could be made by mice with permissions to edit rights.


Each ranking has a specific amount of rights, although ranking can only affect other ranks below their rank (e.g. can't kick out a member that has a higher rank than you). The list of rights follow:

  • Leader - basically the Spiritual Chief
  • Can change the greeting message
  • Can edit ranks
  • Can change the members' ranks
  • Can invite new members
  • Can exclude members
  • Can play music
  • Can change the Tribe House map
  • Can load a map (/np @code)
  • Can manage the Forum

The spiritual chief, has the highest rank and is usually the founder of the tribe. He/she is the leader, and the leader has all the rights in the tribe. A stooge, which is the lowest rank in a tribe, cannot do anything and its rights cannot be changed.

Tribe house[]

The tribe house as it looks like in the menu

A tribe house map is identified by this icon

The official tribehouse map created by Tigrounette

The tribe house is a room that serves as a house for tribe members. Tribe members can access only their respective tribe house through the tribe menu.

Tribe houses offer additional features such as playing music or specific maps. New tribe permissions can be set up for tribe members to use these features.

Like room 801, tribe houses continuously play a designated map from the P22 map category. Map 801 can be defined as a tribe house map using the code @801.


An example of a tribe house map with a colorful background

The default tribe house map can be customized with the map editor. New interactive furniture items have been added and can be used for tribe houses and regular maps as well.

In order to use a map as a tribe house, the map has to be exported as a tribe house. Exporting as a tribe house costs 20 cheese (no cost to edit) and doesn't require validation. Once the map is exported, it can be set as the tribe house from the tribe menu by using the map code.


With tribe rank permissions, music can played using the command "/musique [link]". Music can also be played by clicking a radio.

A direct MP3 link is required in order to play music (e.g. A common method to play your own music is Dropbox.

Playing specific maps[]

Members can decide to play any map for a round in the tribe house. To play a specific map, use the command "/np [@code]". Mouse stats such as the number of rounds, firsts, cheese gathered and shaman saves won't count in a tribe house. The ability to use the "/np" command is only granted to those who are allowed to based on their tribe rank.

Furniture mechanics[]

If the tribe house has an chair or a couch, tribe members can click on it to sit. Mice will sit anywhere on the map, they don't have to touch or be near the objects.

If the tribe house has a bed, tribe members can jump on it like a trampoline, though it is less bouncy than a normal trampoline.


Megaphone.png Main article: Lua

In the tribehouse you can use Lua for playing modules or other scripts.