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Follow the tips in this style guide to help keep the Transformice Wiki easy to read. For fundamental wiki editing guidelines, see also Wikipedia's Manual of Style (simplified). This style guide may be used to adjudicate editing style disagreements between users. For anything not outlined here, please use common sense, and don't make large changes without community consensus.

Basic guidelines[]

  • Use headings to organize topics so they can be hyperlinked more easily.
    • For series pages, use matching headings to arrange content in a consistent format.
  • Do not copy information directly from other websites.
  • All articles should be written from a neutral point of view; articles should not contain opinions (e.g., obviously, unfortunately, surprisingly, fortunately, luckily) nor words such as I, my, or we.
  • This is an English wiki; do not write anything in a language other than English.
  • This wiki formats numbers using commas for a thousands separator, and periods for a decimal point.


In terms of English reading level, the audience for this wiki includes young children as well as readers who speak English as a secondary language. Make articles easy to understand by using simple words and short sentences where possible.

Otherwise, refer to the style guidelines outlined by Wikipedia's Manual of Style.



Use the European day before month format (1 May 2010) for dates, in keeping with Transformice official standard. (Atelier 801 is based in France and the United Kingdom, and chooses this date format for their forum).


For displaying numbers, this wiki separates thousands with a comma and marks decimal points with a period (e.g. 1,073.59).

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