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[Other] New nickname system 12 March 2018
A # system was implemented for usernames, allowing players to choose any username, even if it was taken before. Players who registered before this system have been given a free name change. This applies to all Atelier 801 games. (Discuss)
[Other] Dead Maze released 13 February 2018
After years of work and months of testing, Dead Maze is now available to play! The recommended way to play is through Steam, although you can also play online at or on sites such as Armor Games.
[Other] God's Paw minigame 25 April 2017
As part of the Ludum Dare 38, Tigrounette and Melibellule have made a new minigame, God's Paw! It requires no login/password to play and it made in HTML5 instead of Flash.
[1.356] New Community platform. 8 February 2017
"Hello dear mice! Some news regarding the new community platform: the big update will take place this Wednesday. We wanted to make sure that this new platform would be as nice and clean as possible for you to enjoy."
[Other] Win a Transformice plushie! (ends on 1 February 2017) 23 January 2017
Announcement: "Follow us on to have a chance to win a Transformice plushie! We will draw one of our lucky followers on February the 1st!" (source)

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