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Transformice Adventures is a multiplayer action RPG developed by Atelier 801 and set in the world of Transformice.

The game was set to release on Windows, macOS and Linux in December 2019, with mobile possibly coming later. However, the game's Kickstarter was cancelled on 21 May 2019.

Kickstarter items in Transformice[]

Transformice Adventures - Kickstarter.jpg

As part of its Kickstarter, an ear item Ear item #51 and a tag consumable Inventory item #2447 Inventory 2447 result.png were released in Transformice. A pet Inventory item #2448 Familier 11.png was also added to the game files but remains unreleased as its social media achievement was never reached.

Kickstarter backers could have also got the following: « Supporter », « Devoted », a Kickstarter crown, a profile badge, « Adventurer », a Kickstarter fur, « Shaman Backer », a tail jewel, « Shaman Guardian », « Transformice Hero », « Elisah's Worshipper » and Transformice products (sticker sheet, lanyard, cannonball plushie, mouse plushie and its accessories, shaman plushie, drawing by Melibellule and custom Transformice wind chime).

Features from Transformice[]


Transformice image Transformice Adventures image Transformice name Transformice Adventures dialogue Notes
Fishing 2014 - I8.jpg
Transformice Adventures Demo - Mice Village - Pigeon.png
Derp pigeon
Transformice Adventures - Elise.png
Elise "Hello-o! I am Elise, nice to meet you! I am the owner of this stable, feel free to talk to my friend Scarf here if you have little buddies to take care of!"
Indiana Mouse.png
Transformice Adventures - Indiana Mouse.png
Indiana Mouse "It’s been a while since my last journey. But… The smell of adventure is lurking! Don’t you feel it?

Soon it will be time for me to explore the unknown world."

Mirolle Gooda.png
Transformice Adventures - Mirolle Gooda.png
Mirolle Gooda "Hmm… I h-hope everything will be a-alright..."
Transformice Adventures - Papaille.png
Papaille "Heya buddy! Where are ya heading? I can give ya a ride back to the Mice Village if you want!"

"Heya buddy! Whatcha doing here?

If ya don’t know what to do with your paws, I could use some help at the farm!"

Transformice Adventures - Prof. Munster.png
Prof "Good day!" Known only as "Prof" in Transformice but as "Prof. Munster" in Transformice Adventures.



Transformice Adventures world map


Elisah battle.jpg
Transformice Adventures - Ancient Capital.png
Ancient Capital
Kürbisses-Nacht streets.jpg
Transformice Adventures - Kürbisses-Nacht.png


Mice Village in Transformice Adventures

Mice Village in Transformice

  • A character named Gustave Transformice Adventures - Gustave.png also appears in Transformice Adventures but not in Transformice. It is possible that he is the owner of Chez Gustave.
  • The starting location in Transformice Adventures is called Mice Village, the same as a location in Transformice, but it looks very different from the Transformice location.
  • Elisah is known as "Élisah" in Transformice Adventures, with an acute accent (above the "E"), which is not in her Transformice name.




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