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Trade is a module made to make trading relics easier. You can set a relic for buying (red) or selling (green), making you see who is buying it and selling it by pressing + and other players will see your buy or sell request as well. Players with a light name are in the room and players with a dark name are online but not in the room.

While some people trade relics for other relics, it's usually easier to use a currency to prevent bartering issues where no one has what anyone needs. As such most trades often involve Consumable #800 Cheese Coins (cc).


  • After the Fishing Event, if you create the room #trade you will join a normal room but with a doge theme.
Word chance of appearance
Wow high
Amaze high
Such Map low
Many Cheese low
So play very low
Much fun low
    • You can also trade any NPC for skills. NPCs have their name highlighted in blue.