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To Cupid or Not to Cupid? is a Valentine's Day Lua event.

A new costume Inventory item #2540 Fur #224 was released and can be obtained by playing the event.


Regular mouse[]

Regular mouse tutorial

Collect a potion Cupid 2022 10.png and take it to the cupids' hearts Cupid 2022 2.png by pressing Space. You must collect 50 potions to get « Heartbreaker »(536) (New).

Note: Cupids start with 10 hearts Cupid 2022 14.png on them; destroying the big hearts Cupid 2022 2.png will damage all cupids and once their hearts reach 0 they die.

Linked mouse[]

If you get hit by a love arrow Cupid Arrow.png thrown by a cupid, you will become linked to another player. When you are linked, you must collect 25 love letters Cupid 2022 11.png to get « Will You Brie Mine? »(537) (New). If the cupid who linked you dies, then all the players they linked die too.


Cupid tutorial

If you are randomly selected to be a cupid at the start of the map, you must shoot love arrows at players by clicking. Shooting 2 players will link them. You must link 50 players to get Badge #345 (New).


Image Name Creator
Cupid 2022 Stone Garden.png
Stone Garden Zetdey #3845
Cupid 2022 Widow's Den.png
Widow's Den Zetdey #3845
Cupid 2022 Marble Waterfalls.png
Marble Waterfalls Zetdey #3845
Cupid 2022 Garden of Love.png
Garden of Love Bluevintrix #6860
Cupid 2022 Pink shapes.png
Pink shapes Bluevintrix #6860
Cupid 2022 Florist's.png
Florist's Bluevintrix #6860
Cupid 2022 Neverland.png
Neverland Bolodefchoco #0095
Cupid 2022 Cupid's Wheel of Love.png
Cupid's Wheel of Love Jasseh #0000
Cupid 2022 Broken Heart.png
Broken Heart Jasseh #0000
Cupid 2022 Celestial Tower.png
Celestial Tower Eremia #2246
Cupid 2022 The Twins.png
The Twins Eremia #2246


Reward Requirement
« Heartbreaker »(536) (New) Collect 50 potions
« Will You Brie Mine? »(537) (New) Collect 25 love letters
Badge #345 (New) Link 50 players as a cupid


The new cupid costume Inventory item #2540 is given during the event, along with the following random consumables:
Inventory item #2256 Inventory item #2513 Inventory item #2514 Inventory item #3 Inventory item #2241 Inventory item #2378 Inventory item #2234 Inventory item #2346 Inventory item #2232 Inventory item #2250 Inventory item #20.

The following situations give consumables:

Requirement Reward
Get a title or badge 5Inventory item #2540 and 3 to 9 random consumables
Collect your first three potions 5Inventory item #2540
Destroy a heart (last potion to kill it) 1Inventory item #2540 and 1 to 3 random consumables
Get linked by a cupid 2 to 3 random consumables
Collect your first love letter 5Inventory item #2540
Become a cupid 1Inventory item #2540 and 2 to 3 random consumables
Link two mice for the first time 5Inventory item #2540

Shop items[]

Valentine's Day-themed collector items were added to the shop and available to buy for 14 days.

  • Items released on 3 February 2022 (V1.685): Hair style #107 Ear item #86 Tail item #56 Fur #225
  • Items released on 10 February 2022 (V1.686): Hand item #55 Ball skin #39 Anvil skin #22 Cannonball skin #38


  • This event was coded by Bolodefchoco #0095 with art by Santa #0095 and Chibi #0095.
  • The event appears every 40 minutes in rooms with 5-60 players.
  • There is 1 cupid per 10 players in the room. Guest accounts are not selected to be a cupid.
  • On 12 February, a new algorithm for selecting cupids was introduced, to make it easier for players with both titles but not the badge to become a cupid.[1]




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