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The Great Desert Adventure 2016 is a Lua event in Transformice. Just like most event maps, there is no cheese.



To complete the map, a player must find an active The Great Desert Adventure 2016 gem.png gem and grab it (). You can only carry one gem at a time, and a player that is holding a gem will have their name turn the same turquoise color as the gem. You must then bring as many gems as you can to the sarcophagus on the left of the top floor (using Space). Every player has 3 lives. Upon dying, you will respawn at the temple entrance should you have sufficient lives left. If you're fast, you can easily get 2+ gems by delivering 1 gem and then grabbing other gems that are close to the top floor.

Falling from a high distance will result in death. This is especially a concern when jumping from the mummy hand. Instead, jump down in small increments or use the sticky walls to prevent yourself from falling from too high up. This is also a concern when jumping onto one of the really low moving platforms.


  • Hidden Pit - Right at the start of the pyramid, there is a hidden hole in the ground that will cause you to lose a life. The easiest way to beat this is to run down then jump before you run half way over the bottom area.
  • The Great Desert Adventure 2016 platform.png Platforms - These platforms randomly move and sometimes spawn at very different heights, making it difficult to continue.
  • Crushing Rock - On the bottom right, there is a rock that will crush any mice below it if they are unlucky enough to be under it when it falls. It is not necessary to go under here, unless you are trying to grab one of the 3 gems if all the others are taken.
  • The Great Desert Adventure 2016 arrow.png Arrows - Around every 7 seconds or so, an arrow will fire from the top right of the next floor and aim for a random mouse on it. Before going up on the floor, it is advised to wait for other mice to join you to decrease the odds of you getting hit. Jumping can prevent an arrow from hitting you if you time it right, but if the arrow was aiming for someone in front of you, it may cause the arrow to hit you instead.
  • The Great Desert Adventure 2016 hand.png Mummy Hand - While not dangerous, this trap can be annoying to jump over as it is slippery and has a small (harmless) pit right in front of it. An easy way to jump on it is to walk right up to the edge of the hidden pit before jumping, allowing the top of your jump to hit the top part of the hand. The actual danger is jumping off the hand down the other side. As warned above, dropping from high heights will kill you, so take it slow (see animated image in gallery for safely dropping down).
  • The Great Desert Adventure 2016 flame.png Fire - Over a set number of intervals, a single flame will move across the floor from left to right, killing anyone who touches it.
  • Once you get to the top floor, there are no more traps.

Once on the top floor, go over to the sarcophagus and press space. It will take a second to activate. You do not need to be on top of it for space to work. Next to it also works.

Pro tip: If you mort right when the round begins, you will be transported to the temple entrance, ahead of other mice.

Crane.png BugThere is no clipping in the corner above the first fireplace, as seen in the gallery.



If the enigma is completed, the player would earn a title in exchange.





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