This is the Day of the Dead, where the dead and the living can party together!

~ ~ ~ Let's shake the bones! ~ ~ ~


The Day of the Dead is a Lua event created by Bolodefchoco #0000 and Albinoska #0000.

At this event you have to help Mirabella - the ghost of Halloween - to fix Sesame's paw (the Piñata) and to find Miguel's guitar.

You can find a guide to this event on forums.



Reward Requirement
Cartouche: Macaron 36 (New) Complete Miguel's task (find the guitar and play the music-color correctly)
Badge: Badge 221 (New) Complete the candy bar

New itemsEdit

Image Name Type Cheese-currency Fraise-currency Badge
Shop-fur115 Sugar Skull


Fur 5000 400 Badge 222
Shop-head168 Witch's magic candy hat Head 800 100
Shop-hair45 Hair with spider Hair 600 70

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  • The event was based on the movie Coco.
  • You could get consumables by ducking in specific places, like below the Tree.

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