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This template is used to insert descriptions on template pages.


Type <noinclude>{{documentation}}</noinclude> at the end of the template page.

Under special cases when the documentation for a template is not located at Template:pagename/doc (such as with Navbox, which is used in other templates and automatically inserts Template:Navbox/doc onto any template that uses a navbox), you can tell it to display a different page by giving it a parameter such as:

<noinclude>{{Documentation|Template:Navbox/doc}}</noinclude> at the end of the template page.

General usage

On the Template page

Template code
<includeonly>Any categories to be inserted into articles by the template</includeonly>

On the Template/doc page

{{Documentation subpage}}
What this template does and where to use it.

|field1 = 
|field2 = 


<includeonly>Any categories for the template itself</includeonly>

Use any or all of the above description/syntax/sample output sections. You may also want to add "see also" or further usage information sections.