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Target is a module. It became official in December 2018. It was created by Bodykudo #0000 with art by Flindix #0095 and Argilita #0000

Your goal is to kill the target and to be the last survivor. You have to press Space when you're near them to kill them. Use buttons C and V when you're the target to get some powerups to escape. The target has to survive for 20 seconds; if he survives, he'll win and the other mice will die.


  • !help or H - displays info about the minigame
  • !shop or O - displays the shop
  • !leaderboard or L - displays the room ranking
  • !profile User#0000 or P - displays your or someone's profile
  • !lang [XX] - changes the current language


  • Speed boost
  • High jump
  • Spirits
  • Gravity
  • Defense form
  • Dark mode
  • STOP
  • Attack
  • Wind
  • Checkpoint & Teleport