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Streaming rooms were added early 2016 and offer multiple benefits to potential streamers. They give the streamer various powers that make the game a bit more exciting, as well as making it easier for their followers to interact with them.

Benefits of room for owner include:

  • Ability to enable FunCorp, and various FunCorp commands.
  • Ability to kick players from room.
  • Control what map will play
  • Create a special link to allow streamers to login in directly to your room
    • Display a custom login page background for those using that link.

Creating and sharing a room[]

You can create a room by going to /room *strm_Nickname#tag (replacing Nickname#tag with your username including its tag), after which you will become the room's owner (assuming it's your username).

You can share a link to the room by going to the "control panel" in the room and copying the link at the bottom, or just pasting:



Command Effect
/ban [nickname] Removes a player from the room (even yourself).
/ch [nickname] It makes you able to choose the next shaman.
/np [code] Changes map to specified map, or a random map if no number is specified.
/npp [code] Changes map, but waits for current map to end.


Using "*" instead of player names applies the effect to everyone in the room.

Command Effect
/funcorp Enables/disables FunCorp.[1]
/funcorp help Displays all the commands available in the FunCorp mode.
/changesize [player names/"*"] [size/"off"] Temporarily changes the size (between 0.1x and 5x) of players.
/colormouse [player names/"*"] [color/"off"] Temporarily gives a colorized fur.
/colornick [player names/"*"] [color/"off"] Temporarily changes the color of player nicknames.
/linkmice [player names] ["off"] Temporarily links players.
/meep [player names/"*"] ["off"] Give meep to players.
/transformation [player names/"*"] ["off"] Temporarily gives the ability to transform.


  1. Leaving the room without deactivating the FunCorp mode will automatically disable it.

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