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Stop! is a skill in the Physicist skill tree which stops all other mice and the other shaman (if there is one) from moving for 2–10 seconds. This skill cannot be used in Survivor maps.


This is useful in many situations where mice will keep moving a plank into the wrong position when you try to summon it or attach a nail. This is also helpful in maps that have traps, as the mice will not have time to activate the trap and get themselves killed.

This skill can be used on Dual Shaman maps so you can kill the other shaman if you feel like it or in order to get more saves. Unfortunately this skill has been abused by shamans who are only favoring a specific player while combining it with Teleporter skill sometimes.

In cases of Trolling, shamans will use this skill at the right time to kill everyone if there is a pitfall, lava or even acid. If mice are carrying cheese, then they use those skills to kill off carrying mice to sink them to death in water. However, shamans will also trick mice into their deaths by building the bridge, then use this skill and combining it with Nature's Return skill to remove all of the buildings, causing them to fall off.