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St. Patrick's Day 2017 is the sixth adventure of 2017. It features event items in regular maps which you can collect and sell for rewards.


This was the first adventure to have event items appear outside event maps, and to feature shops where you could choose what to purchase.


Sometimes a map has a randomly placed event item in it which could be collected to purchase items in one of the four shops in the event map. Once collected on the maps, event items will appear on your back and won't be obtained until you bring the cheese to the hole. You can spend these currencies on the event map in the shop listed below.

A mouse carrying a collectible (notice how it'd lie behind the cheese).

Five seconds has to pass before you can collect the event item on a map. If you are revived by a shaman using the Ambulance skill after collecting an event item, you will still have the item when you respawn, negating the need to collect it again, despite the fact it no longer appears on your back.

Crane.png BugThe NPCs in the event map do not show up in survivor rooms.
Crane.png BugIf you've got the event item before getting revived, you will not be able to see it until you get into the hole with the cheese.
Event specific
Image Name Limit
Inventory item #2242 Four-Leaf Clover 80
Inventory item #2243 Lucky Horseshoe 80
Inventory item #2244 Pot o' Gold 80

Four-Leaf Clovers are tradeable, but not Pots o' Gold and Lucky Horseshoes. This may or may not be a bug.



These rewards could be bought using the event items gathered from maps.

Cost Reward
5Inventory item #2243 « Barmouse »(388)
20Inventory item #2243 Cartouche #14
30Inventory item #2244 Badge #142
80Inventory item #2242 « Generous »(243)
10Inventory item #2244 Inventory item #2257
Cost Reward
1Inventory item #2242 5Inventory item #2
1Inventory item #2243 4Inventory item #2252
1Inventory item #2244 6Inventory item #2252
1Inventory item #2242 2Inventory item #2252
1Inventory item #2242 5Inventory item #3
1Inventory item #2242 5Inventory item #23
Cost Reward
1Inventory item #2242 1Inventory item #31
1Inventory item #2244 3Inventory item #800
1Inventory item #2243 2Inventory item #800
1Inventory item #2242 5Inventory item #35
1Inventory item #2242 5Inventory item #5
Cost Reward
1Inventory item #2242 15Inventory item #21
1Inventory item #2242 15Inventory item #2241
3Inventory item #2242 1Inventory item #2243
3Inventory item #2243 1Inventory item #2244
5Inventory item #2242 1Inventory item #2244



Saint Patrick's Day 2017 new items.jpg
Image Name Type Cheese Fraise Badge
Fur #84 Goldfish Fur 6000 400 Badge #179


Horseshoe in transformed mouse.jpg
  • In Transformation maps with an event item in it, transformed mice would still be shown holding the event item if they held it before transforming.
  • The Paintbrush item is seen as controversial by many people because of the ability to draw inappropriate things and words without the ability to hide the drawings, like you can with whispers and stationery paper.
  • The fraise fragment system was also added to the game around this time.




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