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Spiritual logo from the map submission thread

Spiritual is a module, accessible by going to a room whose name starts with #spiritual.


Like the normal and vanilla game mode, the mice's objective is to grab the cheese and bring it to the hole.
However, all maps need a shaman to complete, and maps played are harder to complete than normal rooms.

All skills are disabled in this room and divine mode isn't allowed due to its massive range.
Only three spirits can be summoned per round.

At the beginning of each round, the current map info would be announced to the room:

[•Map Info] @<code> by <Map creator> - Difficulty : <Map Difficulty>
[•Map Info] Shaman : <Current shaman> - Level : <Shaman's Level>

Map difficulty ranges from 1-10, and roughly describes how hard the map is.


The map completion depends on the shaman entirely. Though some maps looks impossible, all maps are possible and the shaman should think creatively to complete it.


The mice should wait until the shaman finishes building and be cooperative with the shaman. Though it is the shaman's job to help the mice, mice should be skilled to a small extent to ease the shaman's job.


This room has its own leveling system, not related to Transformice's leveling system, and is shared between all spiritual rooms.

The mice with highest level will be ranked in the scoreboard.


Command Function
!skip Skips the current round if you are shaman
!setdiff <x>-<y> Sets the difficulty range of maps you will do as shaman later, the range should be at least 3 numbers.
!mort Kills the user, same as /mort
!scoreboard View the scoreboard.