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The spinning plank is everyone's enemy in map 63

The spinning plank is a trap item appearing in some vanilla maps: 63, 64, 65, 66 and 164.

This fan is composed of a rapidly spinning long plank.

The official spinning planks always spins counterclockwise, with the same speed, and a red nail at the center of the plank. The fan is highly dangerous upon contact with the mice, objects, and the shaman.

The plank works in a way similar to the anvil god structure, in which the plank undergoes a rapid rotation which can hurl most mice to death if they get into contact with it. However, there is no visible rotation anchors at the vertex of spinning plank. It could be done with invisible spinning nails.

The spinning plank can be stopped in several ways, but different from tackling the anvil god:

  • A shaman could try to spirit the center of the plank, if it is successful the plank is perfectly killed and disappears. This was a glitch that has later been patched.
  • The shaman can put a transparent plank with a red nail lying on the ground, with 4-5 transparent big boxes on the ground the spinning plank will be stopped. Putting the boxes too high will cause the boxes to follow spinning, which is even more dangerous. However, keep in mind only solid boxes will hurl the mice, so build at your leisure. Strongly recommended to build everything ghostly in attempt to stop the fan. Does not work in Map 66.
  • Yellow nails can be put at the vertex of the spinning plank. It might not work sometimes.

Avoiding the spinning plank by running under it is a quick way to get cheese but usually it still causes casualty. A group of mice running at the same location can prove protective to some of them, as the plank hurl mice at time intervals, which protects other mice at the same time. A lonely mice mostly gets killed across the fan.

Recreating the fan[]

  1. Firstly put an anvil or a small box mid-air.
  2. Then put one red motor at the center of the anvil.
  3. Then, put another anvil or little box at the same place, which will cover both the old anvil and motor.
  4. Put a green motor on top of the items.
  5. Put another anvil or little box on top of them.
  6. Repeat step 4 and 5 a few times, don't add any more red anchors.
  7. Put the large board centered at the cluster of "anvil god head".
  8. Put a last green motor and yellow nail at the center of the mess.

Note that if you use a red or blue nail on the last anchor on board (not the motor), the board will not spin.