For other words and phrases commonly used in the chat, see Chat#Chat lingo.

Slang are informal words used on the Internet. Below is a list of slang exclusive to Transformice’s chat, in alphabetical order. This page does not cover slang that is used outside Transformice.

Acronym Meaning Example
bloon balloon bloon me sham
bubble Used for when a mouse dies since they leave bubbles behind.

Can also be used for the giant bubbles made by the Clean Mouse skill

Sham bubble him / I rode the bubble to the exit
cc Inventory 800 Cheese coin Buying [thing] 5cc!
cf Cheese Farm

A small private room where friends gather together to gain stats (especially vanilla)

I'm going to cf with my friends
ff Fast Farm

A faster type of cheesefarm that the player uses the command ./mort after receiving the cheese, then gets revived by the shaman instantly.

ff is a way to get 200 cheese an hour! / dxra#1848 is such a great ff-er, he is level 214 already!
cheez / chez / ches cheese mauz lik cheez
cj corner jump cjping is so hard / it’s impossible to cj here
cnj / cannon cannon jump, or just the use of the cannon ball sham pls cnj me / cannon, sham
cp Community platform I can't access my tribe because the cp is down!
favo / favorite

(plu. favoes)

When the shaman only helps certain mice and kills or leaves the rest. The shaman skill Teleporter is commonly used for this. Stupid shaman doing favoes
first / fs / st Said after being the first person to get the cheese to the mouse hole he got another fs from favoes.
hax hack / hacks - Sometimes used sarcastically. For example, when somebody does a shocking trick, or when someone "steals" your first, "hax" might be yelled in chat THE HAXX0R IS FLYING!
ice Slang for the shaman summon ice cube, which instantly kills a player. Normally used to kill trolls or stallers. "Freeze" is also commonly used for the same meaning. Ice him sham!
Meli / Mel Melibellule Meli is in room 1!
mod moderator Hax! Call the mods!
mouz / maus mouse mauz lik cheez
padder / padding Short for stat padding, the act of suicide when you don't get first, so you get a better cheese to 'first's ratio. Sometimes called statting. That guy just jumped off the edge. Is he padding?
pet A consumable item that spawns a 'pet' that follows your mouse around The ghost pet is cute!
rev / revive To bring you back from the dead using the Ambulance skill rev please sham!
sc Shortcut This map surely has a sc
sham / shammy / sherman / shammeh shaman What a noob sham
sp / sprt / spark spirit If there is a gap, or if you're stuck, you can shout sp, assuming the shaman has the spirit available
staller When a player deliberately doesn’t go into the mouse hole or suicides if it’s impossible for them to beat the stage. Normally because they’re busy messing around or looking for attention. Shaman kill the stallers
ta turn-around that 15 pixel wood ta is pretty tough
TFM Transformice Wanna play some TFM?
Tig Tigrounette Tig is in room 1!
time A reminder for the shaman to tell them that he or she is running out of time Hurry up sham! Time
thorns The shaman skill Thorns, which increases the friction of planks. Dammit I got stuck by thorns
throwable A consumable item that throws an item in front of your mouse. That throwable got me killed
wj wall jump I can't wj on this map

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