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For a list of color codes, see Color codes.

Colors are "furs" your mice can use that are a single fur color in natural shades that mice can be found within real life (unlike those under the "Fur" category which come in patterns, themes and unnatural colors).

Colors were previously a shop category separate from Furs, but now they have been merged into one.

The category ID for fur colors is 21.

To see the price of a collector item, hover your mouse cursor over the word "Collector".

Cheese per fraise (Cheese per fraise.png) shows how much cheese each fraise is worth for that item. A higher cheese-per-fraise number means a better deal when buying an item with fraises (since each fraise is "worth more").

The number in the "ID" column can be found by using the "/infoshop" chat command. IDs are unique identifiers for that category. IDs are usually indicative of the order items were added to the game.


ID Image Name Price
Cheese per Fraise
Event / version
0 Shop-fur-color0.png Light brown

1,000 50 20 21 May 2012 V1.41
1 Shop-fur-color1.png Dark brown

1,000 50 20 21 May 2012 V1.41
2 Shop-fur-color2.png Grey

3,000 150 20 21 May 2012 V1.41
3 Shop-fur-color3.png White

3,000 150 20 21 May 2012 V1.41
4 Shop-fur-color4.png Dark grey

3,000 150 20 21 May 2012 V1.41
5 Shop-fur-color5.png Yellow

3,000 150 20 21 May 2012 V1.41
6 Shop-fur-color6.png Black

3,000 150 20 14 Feb 2013 V1.66V1.68


  • The color white is worn by guests, but is not visible to other players.