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Shop-head1.png Shop-hair1.png Shop-ears9.png Shop-eyes7.png Shop-mouth29.png Shop-neck1.png Shop-tail1.png Shop-contacts1.png Shop-hands2.png Shop-fur2.png Shop-fur-color1.png Shop-smallbox1.png
Head Hair style Ears Eyes Mouth Neck Tail Contacts Hands Fur Colors Shaman

The shop as it looks like in the menu

Shop button above the players list

Fraises, a micro-currency

The shop is a selection that is available from the Menu icon.png menu dropdown. The currencies are Cheese-currency.png cheese and Fraise-currency.png fraises.

Titles can be earned from obtaining items, whether it is from completing event maps, purchasing items in the shop, or a combination of the two. They range from the "Nice Mouse" title, given after obtaining one item, to the "SuperStar" title, given after obtaining 50 items, after purchasing a 51st item, you will obtain the "Nice Mouse ★" title.


Cheese per Fraise (Cheese per fraise.png) shows how much cheese each fraise is worth for that item. A higher cheese-per-fraise means a better deal when buying an item with fraises (since each fraise is "worth more").

The number on the "ID" column can be found by using the "/infoshop" chat command. IDs are unique identifiers for that category. IDs are usually indicative of the order items were added to the game.

Shop-head1.png Shop-hair1.png Shop-ears9.png Shop-eyes7.png Shop-mouth29.png Shop-neck1.png Shop-tail1.png Shop-contacts1.png Shop-hands2.png Shop-fur2.png Shop-fur-color1.png Shop-smallbox1.png
Head Hair style Ears Eyes Mouth Neck Tail Contacts Hands Fur Colors Shaman

Event/adventure rewards[]

The following shop items cannot be bought in the shop and can only be obtained during that event or from opening the global or event-specific chest.

Item Event Chest
Head item #182 Vegetable Garden 2019 Inventory item #2488
Neck item #44 Halloween 2019 Inventory item #2484
Head item #189 Christmas 2019 Inventory item #2474
Mouth item #70 Saint Patrick's Day 2020 Inventory item #2485
Ear item #58 Easter 2020 Inventory item #2487
Ear item #60 Hugging 2020 Inventory item #2475
Ear item #61 Fishing 2020 Inventory item #2482
Mouth item #72 Back to School 2020 Inventory item #2483
Ear item #64 Halloween 2020 Inventory item #2484
Ear item #68 Christmas 2020 Inventory item #2474
Head item #210 Valentine's Day 2021 Inventory item #2491
Ear item #76 Greenhouse 2021
Hair style #98 Fishing 2021 Inventory item #2482
Head item #232 Halloween 2021 Inventory item #2484
Neck item #64 Christmas 2021

Non-event rewards[]

The following shop items cannot be bought in the shop.

Item Requirement
Ear item #9 Validate email
Eye item #13 Attend the March 2012 Transformice meetup in Lille
Head item #95 Use the chat command /atelier801
Mouth item #19 Fraise beta tester 2012
Fishing 2012 enigma
Getting fraises
Eye item #16 Japan Expo code
Mouth item #32 Japan Expo code
Head item #203 Buy from Cassidy for 50Inventory item #2508
Ear item #65 Buy from Delphilante for 50Inventory item #2509
Eye item #38 Buy from Buffy for 50Inventory item #2506
Mouth item #73 Buy from Von Drekkemouse for 50Inventory item #2507
Neck item #50 Buy from Oracle for 50Inventory item #2505


Most items can be customized, which allows you to change the color of items. If customization is available for an item, unlocking it costs 2,000 cheese, or 20 fraises for regular clothing items, 4,000 cheese or 150 fraises for a shaman item skin. For 2 items, a head item (Head item #3) and a trampoline skin (Trampoline skin #1), customization is automatically unlocked, for free.

Customization was added an update in 2012 alongside the release of fraises. Before this update, no customization on items was possible, and all items had to be redrawn before this update to be customizable.[1] Having both red and green lightsabers (which are the same except for color) is a byproduct of this early constraint.


Inventory 1 result.png Note: Gifting shop items for consumables is against Atelier 801 rules. Doing this may, and likely will, result in a ban.

Gift giving postcard

It is possible to gift shop items (including furs) to someone on Transformice. This does not work on items you've purchased for yourself (therefore meaning you cannot use gifting as a means to "discard" items), and only works with items purchasable with fraises. You need to have spent at least 30 hours on the game (previously 10), bought a fur for yourself at least 7 days ago, gathered 700 cheese and have registered your email.[2] If a user who has gifted you is banned for fraud payment, the items which a user has gifted you will be removed.



When the feature was added, you could make up to 20 Outfit.png outfits. Now, the limit is unknown. Outfits were added in the shop to quickly change between designs. This feature was added by community request on 29 September 2013 (V1.107).[3]

The Fashion Squad[]

The Fashion Squad makes outfits that can be purchased from the shop as of V1.330.[4] These pre-made outfits are only available for a week before they are replaced with new ones every Tuesday. You won't be charged for outfit pieces you already own, and some discounts will be given for purchasing the whole outfit.

Fashion squad outfits can't contain cheese-only or reward items.[5]


The tag on collector items

Collector items are items available for a limited amount of time, before they become unavailable again. This is intended to make the items more valuable. Certain collector items are may be available during an event, and become available again in the same event the next year.[6]

There used to be a "Collector" tab but it was removed.

There have been complaints about the feature being frustrating,[7] and it was found that the feature did not increase the likelihood of people buying the items,[8] which eventually led to the collector system being removed. However, it was later added again.

Pricing for collector items worked as follows: the first week they were listed as collector items, they were available to buy for cheese and fraises, the second week they would only be available to buy for fraises.[6] This was changed and now collector items can be bought with cheese or fraises for 2 weeks.


  • 29 December 2015 (V1.276)—collector system introduced
  • 20 April 2016 (V1.306)—collector system removed.
  • 8 December 2017 (V1.423)—collector system added again.

Dressing room[]

The /dressing command can be used in-game to dress your mouse and share designs. This command was added in January 2021, and was previously a Fashion Squad-only command.[9]

Fan made[]

It is possible to try out or take pictures of different styles for your mouse out-of-game by using unofficial dressing rooms:

  • Fur color code finder—lets you find the hex code for a specific color on a fur to help you design outfits.


Shop items are layered in a specific order depending on their category. Furs and colors are separated into different parts; e.g. the front ear goes above eye items but the rest of the body goes below them. A list of them (e.g. eye items go above contact lenses, mouth items, etc. but below ear items):

  1. Ears
  2. Furs and colors: the front ear
  3. Eyes
  4. Contact lenses
  5. Hand
  6. Mouth
  7. Head
  8. Hair style
  9. Neck
  10. Furs and colors: the front arm
  11. Tail
  12. Furs and colors: the rest of the body


  • In the early years of Transformice, there were event currencies such as Heart-currency.png hearts, Egg-currency.png eggs, Present-Christmas 2013.png presents and Shop-head58.png fishbowls.
  • Starting in 2014/late 2013, shop items were no longer rewarded by events (although badges, consumables, etc. were introduced in their place). While they are still released alongside events (for purchase with cheese or fraises), is was decided by Atelier 801 that "giving out what you sell for free was a bad move" according to monetization stats (and this decision has improved shop sales).[1]
  • Despite there being hair styles, many hair styles are in fact head items, as these were introduced before the introduction of hair styles as a separate type of "clothing".
  • Fraises is French for strawberries.
  • On 29 December 2015 the blackout feature was reintroduced alongside the "Collector" tab (which "replaced" the "Colors" tab). However the blackout feature was removed just under a month later (V1.281).
  • Starting on V1.277, guests acquired the ability to buy shop items.
  • Before V1.393 all shop items had the same scale in the shop; V1.393 changed that however, and now items scale up to the largest they can be and still fit in the UI.
  • Many of the items in Transformice are based on popular internet culture, such as:
    • Minecraft - A creeper ( hostile mob in the game that explodes ) themed head item, and a diamond pickaxe mouth item.
    • Vocaloid - The hair style of Hatsune Miku, a popular character in vocaloid fandom, and the white bow of Rin and Len as well as Len's hair.
    • My Little Pony - Hair styles of most of the main characters and Cutie Mark Crusaders (some as head items, others as hair styles).
    • Anime - Several item designs including black Kamina shades, Ichigo's sword, Luffy's hat, Naruto's headband etc.


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