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The shaman is a mouse with magical abilities who is chosen to help the other mice retrieve the cheese and return to the mouse hole.

A shaman is chosen among each group of mice to guide the group in their obsessive quest for gathering cheese. Gifted with magical powers by the Goddess Elisah, the shaman summons items in the game world to help mice navigate the map and its dangers. The goal of the shaman is simple: to successfully help mice bring the cheese to the hole. Completing this goal grants the shaman experience points used to level up, in addition to displayable titles the player can wear to show off their accomplishments. As a shaman levels up, additional skills become available which provide new options for solving the challenges presented to them. At least 3 mice in non-custom rooms or 5 mice in custom rooms are required for saves to count.

While gathering cheese is the basic premise of the game, a shaman can use their powers in any way they wish. For instance, a shaman might choose to entertain mice with fancy constructions or gags, or even to sabotage their efforts. Players take turns becoming the shaman as the role changes players for each round of Transformice. The mouse with the most points corresponding to the scoreboard is the shaman next.


Becoming a shaman[]

At the start of each round, the mouse with the highest score is chosen to become the shaman (if a tie one is chosen at random). A mouse gains points by bringing cheese to the hole, once for every round completed. More points are awarded to the mice who retrieve the cheese the quickest:

  • First place is awarded 16 points.
  • Second place is awarded 14 points.
  • Third place is awarded 12 points.
  • All other finishers are awarded 10 points.
  • Mice who die in a round are awarded 1 point.
  • AFK mice lose 1 point.

Completing a round as a shaman resets the player’s score to the number of mice they saved that round (in dual sham, number that went in their hole). Note that moving to another room will reset the player's score to zero. Each round lasts for about two minutes. Rounds will end early if the shaman loses their life or after most mice (all but two) have retrieved the cheese or fallen.

Note: The points gathered in this way only count towards the leader board that determines who will be the shaman next. Each completed level yields 20 xp points, which count towards leveling up. Getting a better place does not affect experience gained.

Dual Shaman maps[]

Megaphone.png Main article: Dual Shaman

Some rounds have two shamans rather than one: the blue shaman and the pink shaman. In a dual shaman round, both shamans have magical abilities and may choose to work together, against each other, or for their own amusement.

Some dual shaman maps have separate, color-coded holes for each shaman. Bringing the cheese to a blue hole awards experience points to the blue shaman, while a pink hole awards experience to the pink shaman. Alternatively, some dual shaman maps have holes that are not color-coded which equally award both shamans for every mouse rescued.

Finally, note that both shamans’ room scores are reset to the number of mice they saved after playing a dual shaman map.

Cheese thief maps[]

Megaphone.png Main article: Cheese thief

In some rounds the shaman is a "thief", starting off with cheese and dying once 10 mice gather cheese. The shaman must come in contact with the other mice in order for them to get the cheese. The shaman can choose to help them or choose to run away. In this map, the shaman can't go into the hole, therefore not getting any cheese.

No-Shaman maps[]

Some rounds have no shaman. A no-shaman round challenges mice to retrieve the cheese without magical assistance.

Note that in a no-shaman round, the next in line to become the shaman keeps their room score, in addition to any points gained by completing the round.

It's impossible to export a map without a shaman spawn. The only way you can have a no-shaman map is if the map crew exports it as P7.

Training mode[]

Players can practice their shaman skills at any time by entering the Training room. In this room, the player is the only mouse and is always the shaman, except during no-shaman maps. Retrieving cheese as the shaman in this mode does not award experience points (The player still gains experience points for completing maps as a regular mouse, however). If a shaman wishes to gain points they should either create a new room or join an existing one.

Summoning items[]

Megaphone.png Main article: Shaman item
Normal mode feather.png

Shamans use magic to help other mice reach the cheese and hole by summoning various objects. With a slew of item options available, including balloons, boxes, planks, runes, and the shaman spirit. Shamans work to overcome obstacles such as high walls, long gaps, and other hazards. The shaman can also attach items to one other, using anchors, to build bridges and other creations that do more than what single items can do.

Certain shaman skills unlock additional options for summoning items. Similarly, certain maps grant access to map-exclusive items, such as portals, which empower the shaman to solve that map's challenges in a special way.


Shows how shaman feathers are attached

It has been stated by Melibellule—the co-creator of Transformice—that it is canon that shamans feathers are not stuck in a shaman's hair, but that the feathers are attached to the neck with twine (see picture).[1] Note: A twine around the shaman's neck is actually seen in-game.

Shamans were given their powers by the Goddess Shaman Elisah when she gave each of them a feather from her wings and a lock of her hair.[2]

Shaman mode[]

A shaman's default color marking is light turquoise. This can be changed if a mouse has unlocked hard mode. Divine mode adds permanent cosmetic wings to a shaman, which are not to be confused with those from the Angel skill. After you unlock hard mode, you can change the shaman mode by clicking the feather that is on the right side of the actions bar. (Remember to restart the game after you first unlock hard mode in order to see it.)

Disabling skills can be done by clicking the feather (appears after 1,000 saves). In this mode, experience gained is increased by 30% and shaman coins Inventory item #2253 gained is increased by 50%.

Image Mode In-game description Unlock requirement
Normal mode.jpg Normal This is where everyone starts! This is the default shaman mode, all the objects are available. Mode you start with
Hard Mode.jpg Hard In this mode, there's no spirit, nor red anchor. However, you'll be able to use your totem for the most difficult maps. Save at least 1000 mice in normal mode.
Divine Mode.jpg Divine Are you the best of the best? This mode is made for you! Forget totems and yellow anchors, you'll need to be ingenious. Save at least 5000 mice in normal mode and 2000 in hard mode.
Disable skills mode.jpg Disable skills Save at least 1000 mice in normal mode.


General mouse controls can be found at Controls; more information on anchors can be found at nails.

Key Action Notes
F Show Indication When you are playing as a shaman, this will open up a widget at your cursor’s location, with options to choose from. Choosing an option will place a sign at that spot. Clicking off the widget will close it. Only one sign may be onscreen at any given time.
B Global anchor
(red nail)
Red nail.png
The global anchor can only be used in the center of little and big planks and attaches directly to the map. The anchored plank can rotate, but otherwise will not move.

Can be used in only Normal mode.

C Object anchor
(yellow nail)
Yellow nail.png
The object anchor, unlike the global anchor, has to be attached to another object on the map. The anchored object can not rotate, but its movement can be slightly affected.

Can be used in only Normal mode, Hard mode.

V Hinge anchor
(green nail)
Blue nail.png
The hinge anchor must be attached to another object and allows the object to swivel/rotate around the anchored point.

Can be used in all Normal mode, Hard mode, Divine mode.

N Clockwise motor anchor
(green nail)
Motorized clockwise blue nail.png
This motor anchor is similar to the hinge anchor, except it rotates in a clockwise direction.
J Counterclockwise motor anchor
(green nail)
Motorized counterclockwise blue nail.png
This motor anchor is similar to the hinge anchor, except it rotates in a counterclockwise direction.
Space Ghost object When an object is selected to summon, this will ghost the item and allow mice to pass through it.
Z, X, mouse wheel Rotates object (15°)
Ctrl + mouse wheel Rotates object more precisely (2° instead of 15°).
Keys 19 Hotkeys for various shaman items. This depends on which mode you are using.
Shift + keys 09 Hotkeys for emoticons

Spirit jumping[]

Megaphone.png Main article: Spirit jump

Spirit jumping is a special combination of jumping while using spirits. While this is often done by a shaman (as they have full use of spirit), mice can do it as well with the aid of a shaman. This is sometimes referred to as one of the "combos" that a mice can do.

Use the hotkey 2 (or in some cases 4) with the process of W/.

Skills and skill trees[]

Megaphone.png Main article: Skill

In addition to the controls and items available to all shamans, players choose skills as they level up. These skills are collected into five different categories of shaman powers, called skill trees, which are Spiritual Guide, Wind Master, Mechanician, Wildling and Physicist. As skills in a tree are unlocked, other more powerful skills in that tree become available. Players unlock skills by leveling up with experience points, gained by gathering cheese and by helping other mice gather cheese as the shaman.


Shaman coins Inventory item #2253 can be earned in any game mode that has a shaman. You earn shaman coins based on how many mice you save and on what shaman mode you are using. Shaman coins can be traded to the Oracle for various rewards, Papaille for cheese coins, or Elise for random consumables each day.

Players receive 1 shaman coin per 4, 5, or 6 mice saved in divine, hard, or normal mode, respectively. Depending on the player's selected shaman mode, a certain amount of mice saved earns one coin. The variable amount of shaman coins is contingent on the mode's difficulty.

Mode Saves required per coin Limit per turn
Normal 6 3
Hard 5 4
Divine 4 5

Using the "disable skills" mode awards 50% more coins (e.g. saving 6 mice in normal mode gives 2 coins and saving 12 mice gives 3 coins).


Megaphone.png Main article: Shaman techniques

Shaman techniques can vary from creative solutions to brute force methods to a problem. There are also some hard mode techniques that are generally used by professional players.


You gain different amounts of experience points depending on which level you are and which mode you are using. A shaman can only get the experience of 25 mice per map maximum, though any additional mice saved are still counted towards total saves.

Level 1–30
Normal mode: 3 experience points per mouse saved
Hard mode and Divine mode: 5 experience points per mouse saved

Level 31–60
Normal mode: 5 experience points per mouse saved
Hard mode and Divine mode: 10 experience points per mouse saved

Level 61 and above
Normal mode: 10 experience points per mouse saved
Hard mode and Divine mode: 20 experience points per mouse saved


  • The Shaman's markings were inspired by the Pokémon Sentret and Furret. This fact was made publicly known in memory of Satoru Iwata, who passed away due to complications of cholangiocarcinoma, a type of cancer, on 11 July 2015.[3]
  • When in-game the shaman is always referred to as female.
  • The Hard mode and Divine mode markings are different to the Normal mode markings.
  • Skill icon - Shameow.png Shaman skill Shameow can turn the shaman into a cat.