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For the character, see Server (character).

A server links other computers or electronic devices together. For Transformice purposes, a server is a computer which runs the Transformice game while also running the online features. The main purpose of the different servers is to reduce congestion, and to offer a place for same-speaking players to gather. Currently, all servers are physically located in France by the same hosting provider.

Server restart[]

Example server restart dialog

Server restarts usually happen minutes before a game update. Most of the server restarts are to add new content to the game or make changes to the game, but sometimes servers are restarted to reduce overall server load and lag.

Servers usually lag when there are too many people playing. If there is lag on the servers' end, disconnect from the game and relaunch it after a couple of minutes.

Server restarts generally cause confusion in-game. People either start spamming or noticeably panic whenever they see the restart message, which generally displays as follows:

• [SERVER] The server will restart in 2 minutes.
• [SERVER] The server will restart in 60 seconds.
• [SERVER] The server will restart in 30 seconds.
• [SERVER] The server will restart in 20 seconds.
• [SERVER] The server will restart in 10 seconds.
• [SERVER] The server will restart in 9 seconds.
• [SERVER] The server will restart in 8 seconds.
• [SERVER] The server will restart in 7 seconds.
• [SERVER] The server will restart in 6 seconds.
• [SERVER] The server will restart in 5 seconds.
• [SERVER] The server will restart in 4 seconds.
• [SERVER] The server will restart in 3 seconds.
• [SERVER] The server will restart in 2 seconds.
• [SERVER] The server will restart in 1 seconds.

Posts on Discord announcing the server restart are common.

Server restarts can be initiated by either an administrator or by moderators.



2020 communities.png

There are 90 communities.

Flag Community Translation Code
Flag ZA.png Afrikaans Afrikaans AF
Flag AZ.png Azərbaycan dili Azerbaijani AZ
Flag ID.png Bahasa Indonesia Indonesian ID
Flag MY.png Bahasa Melayu Malay MS
Flag VU.png Bislama Bislama BI
Flag BA.png Bosanski jezik Bosnian BS
Flag AD.png Català Catalan CA
Flag MW.png ChiCheŵa Chichewa NY
Flag DK.png Dansk Danish DA
Flag DE.png Deutsch German DE
Flag EE.png Eesti keel Estonian ET
Flag NR.png Ekakairũ Naoero Nauruan NA
Flag GB.png English English EN
Flag ES.png Español Spanish ES
Flag TO.png Faka Tonga Tongan TO
Flag MG.png Fiteny malagasy Malagasy MG
Flag FR.png Français French FR
Flag WS.png Gagana fa'a Samoa Samoan SM
Flag HR.png Hrvatski Croatian HR
Flag IT.png Italiano Italian IT
Flag MH.png Kajin M̧ajeļ Marshallese MH
Flag GL.png Kalaallisut Greenlandic KL
Flag BI.png KiRundi Kirundi RN
Flag RW.png Kinyarwanda Kinyarwanda RW
Flag KE.png Kiswahili Swahili SW
Flag HT.png Kreyòl ayisyen Haitian Creole HT
Flag LV.png Latviešu valoda Latvian LV
Flag LT.png Lietuvių kalba Lithuanian LT
Flag LU.png Lëtzebuergesch Luxembourgish LB
Flag HU.png Magyar Hungarian HU
Flag MT.png Malti Maltese MT
Flag NL.png Nederlands Dutch NL
Flag NO.png Norsk Norwegian NO
Flag UZ.png O'zbek Uzbek UZ
Flag PL.png Polski Polish PL
Flag PT.png Português Portuguese PT
Flag BR.png Português brasileiro Brazilian Portuguese BR
Flag RO.png Română Romanian RO
Flag BO.png Runa Simi Quechua QU
Flag LS.png SeSotho Southern Sotho ST
Flag BW.png SeTswana Tswana TN
Flag AL.png Shqip Albanian SQ
Flag SZ.png SiSwati Swazi SS
Flag SK.png Slovenčina Slovak SK
Flag SI.png Slovenščina Slovene SL
Flag SO.png Soomaaliga Somali SO
Flag FI.png Suomen kieli Finnish FI
Flag SE.png Svenska Swedish SV
Flag PH.png Tagalog Tagalog TL
Flag VN.png Tiếng Việt Vietnamese VI
Flag TM.png Türkmen Turkmen TK
Flag TR.png Türkçe Turkish TR
Flag FJ.png Vosa Vakaviti Fijian FJ
Flag SN.png Wollof Wolof WO
Flag NG.png Yorùbá Yoruba YO
Flag IS.png Íslenska Icelandic IS
Flag CZ.png Česky Czech CS
Flag GR.png Ελληνικά Greek EL
Flag BY.png Беларуская Belarusian BE
Flag KG.png Кыргыз тили Kyrgyz KY
Flag MK.png Македонски јазик Macedonian MK
Flag MN.png монгол Mongolian MN
Flag RU.png Русский язык Russian RU
Flag RS.png Cрпски језик Serbian SR
Flag TJ.png тоҷикӣ Tajik TG
Flag UA.png Українська мова Ukrainian UK
Flag BG.png български език Bulgarian BG
Flag KZ.png Қазақ тілі Kazakh KK
Flag AM.png Հայերէն Armenian HY
Flag IL.png עברית Hebrew HE
Flag PK.png اُردُو Urdu UR
Flag IAR.png العربية Arabic AR
Flag IR.png فارسی Persian FA
Flag MV.png ދިވެހި Maldivian DV
Flag NP.png नेपाली Nepali NE
Flag IN.png हिन्दी Hindi HI
Flag BD.png বাংলা Bengali BN
Flag LK.png தமிழ் Tamil TA
Flag TH.png ไทย Thai TH
Flag LA.png ພາສາລາວ Lao LO
Flag BT.png རྫོང་ཁ་ Dzongkha DZ
Flag MM.png ဗမာစာ Burmese MY
Flag GE.png ქართული Georgian KA
Flag ER.png ትግርኛ Tigrinya TI
Flag ET.png ኣማርኛ Amharic AM
Flag KH.png ភាសាខ្មែរ Khmer KM
Flag CN.png 中国 Chinese CN
Flag HK.png Cantonese ZH
Flag JP.png 日本語 Japanese JA
Flag KR.png 한국어 Korean KO

Before September 2020[]

Languages before 2020 update.png

Before the update on 14 September 2020, there were 28 communities.

Image Community Translation Code
En.svg International English EN
En2.svg English only English E2
Fr.svg Français French FR
Br.svg Brasil Brazilian Portuguese BR
Es.svg Español Spanish ES
Tr.svg Türkçe Turkish TR
Pl.svg Polski Polish PL
Ru.svg Pусский Russian RU
Cn.svg 中文 Chinese CN
No.svg Norsk/Svenska/Dansk Norwegian/Swedish/Danish NO
Hu.svg Magyar Hungarian HU
Nl.svg Nederlands Dutch NL
Ro.svg Română Romanian RO
Id.svg Bahasa Indonesia Indonesian ID
De.svg Deutsch German DE
Ar.svg العربية Arabic AR
Ph.svg Tagalog Filipino TL
Jp.svg 日本語 Japanese JA
Fi.svg Suomi Finnish FI
It.svg Italiano Italian IT
Lt.svg Lietuvių Lithuanian LT
Il.svg עִברִית Hebrew IL
Cz.svg Čeština/Slovenčina Czech CZ
Hr.svg Hrvatski Croatian HR
Bg.svg Български Bulgarian BG
Lv.svg Latviešu Latvian LV
Ee.svg Eesti Estonian EE
Pt.svg Português Portuguese PT


Server list on 19 August 2011, after the merger of all English and Brazilian servers

Code Language Date added
French 1 May 2010 (V0)
EN English 22 June 2010 (V0.27)
EN2 English Before 24 October 2010
KR English (Kongregate) 31 July 2010
RU Russian 23 June 2010 (V0.28)
BR Brazilian 1 September 2010 (V0.72)
BR2 Brazilian 24 October 2010 (V0.114a)
BR3 Brazilian 1 February 2011 (V0.139)
BR4 Brazilian 11 June 2011 (V0.159b)
BR5 Brazilian 21 July 2011 (V0.167)
TR Turkish 1 February 2011 (V0.139)
CN Chinese 28 March 2011 (V0.149)
ES Spanish 30 June 2011 (V0.163)
  • The Kongregate, Newgrounds and DeviantArt servers were the same.
  • The EN, EN2 and KR servers were merged on 13 August 2011 (V0.168e). All other servers were merged on 18 August 2011 (V1.1z).