Transformice Wiki

A selfie is a picture that you can take using the selfie stick consumable Inventory item #21. You can take selfies of your player mouse, other mice, and shamans.

If you're wearing no clothes due to the /nue chat command, due to the "Disable other mice's outfits" option in the options Options.png, or due to there being more than 50 mice in the room (automatic mechanic in order to reduce lag in large rooms), it will affect the appearance of the mice in the selfie.

After taking a selfie, you can save it on your computer. There will be a fully transparent background with a picture of your mouse and the mice you took it with. There are usually two or one mice in a selfie, but there have been pictures of more than 4 mice (as seen below). To take a selfie, you need a selfie stick. You can acquire those by trading, or getting them in certain events.

The selfie will be animated before saving it, but will save as a .png.