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The rune is a shaman item in Transformice.


The rune travels in the direction it points and pushes any objects in its path. Its direction is unstable, meaning it will turn to adjust to heavy objects. When forced to turn, the rune will attempt to cling to flat edges and push straight against them. Runes pass straight through mice, and they can be attached to objects using the free or motorized nail.


When nailed to an item, a rune will push the item in the direction it's pointing. A single rune pushes lightly and will not budge heavy objects. When the attached object rotates, the rune will rotate with it and the push's direction will change accordingly. A floating balloon will wobble as a rune pushes it off balance.

Using the motorized nail will cause the rune and its push to slowly turn. The attached object will not rotate unless the push causes it to do so.

Stable Rune[]

Stable rune.png

Unlocking the Stable Rune Skill icon - Stable Rune.png skill in the Mechanician skill tree will allow the shaman to spawn a stable rune that never changes direction. No object can rotate a stable rune, and an attached object never turns, although it can be pushed of course.


A shaman may use runes to push obstacles (such as the iceberg in map 76). Runes can also propel contraptions like cars and balloon baskets, and also manipulate free swinging planks.


An arrow is spawned with the rune in the small space. You can tell by the smoke that the rune is freshly spawned, and the arrow appears right next to it after the rune is finished spawning.

  • When a rune is spawned using the double-spawn glitch in a small, enclosed space: only one rune is spawned, and an arrow appears with the rune. The arrow remains on screen for its normal amount of time. If the object the rune is in rotates, then so will the arrow.