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Rules in Transformice are designed to keep the game safe. Players found not following the Transformice rules risk being muted or banned, temporarily or permanently.


Please read the rules carefully. Not respecting them will result in sanctions applied by the moderation team. The more you break the rules, the longer and harsher the sanctions will be and you can end up losing your account. You can recognise a staff member by looking at their name and profile: Admin#0001, Moderator#0010, Sentinel#0015, MapCrew#0020.

If you see a player breaking the rules, you can report them by writing /report Name#tag. Alternatively, you can click on the player's name and Report. A small window with report options will pop up - choose an option and then Validate. If you select Other, please provide details.

All reports are recorded and moderators check them and apply sanctions as appropriate. If a player that you reported is sanctioned, you may receive karma points. Karma points show us whose reports are accurate, so the more you have, the better it is!

See below a list of things that are against the rules and will be sanctioned, but bear in mind that moderators may take actions as they see fit in situations that may not be covered here. Keep in mind that evading your sanction will result in more severe sanctions.

A. Chat and Cafe[]

  1. Spam, flood, caps lock abuse, and symbols that tend to glitch in the chat and can be used to crash and / or break the game client
  2. Speaking another language than the language of the community
  3. Advertising
  4. Sharing dangerous links
  5. Misinformation
  6. Sharing other people's personal information without their permission
  7. Discussions and links that are not within PG-13
  8. Insults, bad language, vulgarity
  9. Harassment, threats, encouraging self-harm or suicide
  10. Promotion of illegal acts
  11. Racism; homophobia; xenophobia; sexism; insults or denigration of a religion, ethnicity, or minority
  12. Provoking players to break the rules

B. Cheating[]

  1. Glitch abuse
  2. Using any external program to gain advantages
  3. VPN farming
  4. Asking for cheat programs, APK or pirated servers
  5. Sharing cheat programs, APK or pirated servers
  6. Encouraging cheating

C. Accounts[]

  1. Phishing or account theft
  2. Pretending to be a staff member
  3. Inappropriate names
  4. Buying or selling accounts, selling fraises or Japan Expo codes
  5. Abusing the exchange or gifting systems for external trades
  6. Public (compromised) accounts

D. Maps[]

  1. Maps made to intentionally cause game or gameplay issues
  2. Inappropriate maps
  3. Copies of other player's maps

E. Miscellaneous[]

  1. Inappropriate avatar
  2. Inappropriate tribe name
  3. Inappropriate room names
  4. Anvil god totem, offensive totem or totem that causes technical or connectivity issues
  5. Drawing consumables used inappropriately
  6. Roomkick abuse
  7. Using bots that are not approved by staff
  8. Leaking or sharing private information relevant to the game

Trolling and favouritism are part of the game and, as a general rule, they will not be sanctioned, but if these are used abusively, moderators can intervene and apply sanctions. Whispers are only moderated in severe cases, so if you don't want to receive messages from a player, use the /ignore Name#tag command. Private rooms will only be moderated in severe cases or if a player is reported.

If you want to read more about the rules, you can do so here:
If you want to know why you have been sanctioned, you can find more information here:
Alternatively, you can contact a staff member on Transformice Discord server:

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