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Rivals is a module based on Rivals of Aether and Super Smash Bros.

Your goal is to defeat all your opponents. All players start on the random map with three lives and 0% damage. The more damage you get, the harder it will be to stay alive. After you fall of the map, you lose one life and the damage resets. You can use basic attack which cause 5% damage or you can use one of the three special abilities. Each playable character has different abilities.

You can attack by pressing X and use abilities using the C V F keys, but the key bindings can be changed in the settings.

Playable characters[]


Rivals mouse.png
  • Dash (ability 1): Pushes you forward.
  • Consumables (ability 2): If you hold the , or arrows, you throw a ball that bounces away your opponent. If you hold arrow, you throw a tombstone.
  • Firework (ability 3): You can throw four different fireworks that will affect all opponents within range depending on which arrow you hold before using the ability. deals 17 poison damage, deals 15 damage, freezes opponents, throws away all players.


Rivals cheese.png
  • High Jump (ability 1): You can jump farther than usual.
  • Spoiled Cheese (ability 2): You throw spoiled cheese, which explodes after a while and deals 30 poison damage to all opponents around. Throwing spoiled cheese affects which arrow you hold, it is also possible to bounce the cheese with an attack.
  • Cheese Lover (ability 3): Gives cheese to all players around and deals 5 damage.


Rivals Shaman.png
  • Rocket Scientist (ability 1): Pushes you up.
  • Spirit (ability 2): After two seconds, a spirit appears that deals 30 damage to all players around. If you hold the arrow, an anti-spirit will appear instead of the normal spirit, which will throw all the players around.
  • Shield (ability 3): Protects you from most damage attacks but you can't use the attack.


Rivals Delphilante.png
  • Bonus (ability 1): Creates a speed bonus around you depending on which arrow you hold. If you hold the arrow, a spring will form under you.
  • Death (ability 2): Depending on which arrow you hold, 3 death bonuses will form around you. Each bonus deals 15 damage. If you take your own bonus, nothing will happen to you. There can be a maximum of 15 of your death bonuses in the arena.
  • Hyper Speed (ability 3): Depending on which arrow you hold, around you will form a hyper speed bonus. The bonus throws the opponent at high speed in the direction of his movement. You can't get speed from your own bonus. Freeze is removed after taking. There can always be only one your hyper speed bonus in the arena.


Rivals Drekkemaus.png
  • Teleport (ability 1): Teleports you up.
  • Life Steal (ability 2): If you hit your opponent, he gets 15 damage and you heal by 5%.
  • Rage (ability 3): For a while you deal double damage by attacking to your enemies.


Rivals Indiana.png
  • Rock (ability 1): You shoot a stone that boosts you.
  • Fire (ability 2): If you hold the or arrows you will create a fireplace. If an opponent touches this fireplace, he will get 20 fire damage. If you hold the arrow before the attack, you will wave a fire torch above you, which will cause 10 damage and 6 fire damage to your opponents above you. If you hold the arrow before attacking, you throw a fireball, which explodes after a while and deals 6 fire damage to all players around. Players can repel a fireball by attacking.
  • Cobweb (ability 3): Immobilizes the player in a cobweb, which breaks up after a while and deals 25 damage to all players in it.