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Ratapult is a module.

It was originally a game that was created by Moepl #0095 a few years ago, but was shut down by Tigrounette. Later it was revived with the Module API tool.


In #ratapult, there is no shaman. The objective of the game is to kill the other team using your "ratapult".

The "ratapult" is a mechanism that allows you to shoot anvils. To shoot an anvil, press Space. Holding Space for a longer amount of time will increase the power of your shot. There is a small cooldown time before you can start charging again.

Killing your own team is not allowed and you will be punished.

Pressing C or V will change the angle of your shot by 30 degrees. For a more fine-tuned angle, you can type !x, with "x" being a number anywhere between -30 & 60 degrees.

Pressing the hotkeys below will activate the following powerups:

  • 1 Will shoot a double shot (2 anvils at once) on your next shot. (4 points)
  • 2 Will shoot a triple shot (3 anvils at once) on your next shot. (6 points)
  • 3 Will trigger frenzy mode. In frenzy mode, the cooldown is shorter, & shots charge faster. (10 points)

Despite the message, nobody has ever been punished for teamkilling, except by people teamkilling them for the next few rounds.