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Rain 2017, also known as the Frog Adventure, is the seventh adventure of 2017.


This adventure focuses on one simple task. Players are to pick an area at the top of the adventure map's waterfall and from there, they fall in a pinball-style fashion until they land into one of the seven platforms.


The objective of the adventure map is for players to place themselves on any spot on a temporary wooden platform near the very top of the map. Once the platform is released, players are immobilized to a point where they can not even change which direction they face, although they can pose themselves (i.e. dancing or throwing confetti). Lots of grounds such as raspberries and mushrooms act as pinball obstacles that bounce the player around as if they are a pinball.

Unless a player has extremely bad luck and is still left bouncing once the map timer ends, they will collect items at the bottom of the map. The bottom of the waterfall greets players with seven platforms that were previously mentioned, each with a different amount and type of raspberries. Some platforms contains one or three Collectible #8 berries while others contain one or two Collectible #7 berries. Random consumables are also given to the player, including a fraise coin, although the fraise coin can only be earned alongside Collectible #8 berries. The platform a player falls into depends on the trajectory that a ground bounced them with. Because this bouncing is what causes a player to land into a platform, players have been known to bounce into more than one platform due to restitution and momentum. To clarify, a player can hit one platform with so much pressure from a bounce that they can be shot back up and bounced back into a different platform.

Make sure to move before you start falling. Once you start falling you can no longer move, and if you don't move at all once the map starts the game will consider you AFK.

There is a limit of 3 berries total every 10 minutes to avoid extreme room hopping.[1]

Note: It is possible to get two sections of berries per map.

Event specific
Image Name Limit
Inventory item #2238 Purple/Black Raspberry 30
Inventory item #2245 Yellow/Golden Raspberry 35


Progress Rewards[]

Inventory item #2238 Reward
10 « Froggy »(386)
20 Inventory item #801
30 Cartouche #12
Inventory item #2245 Reward
Random Inventory item #801
25 Badge #134
35 « Sardine »(297)



Image Name Effect
Inventory item #2247 Frog Pet A green frog pet follows one's mouse around. Familier 5.png


Inventory item #10 Inventory item #11 Inventory item #14 Inventory item #13 Inventory item #17 Inventory item #21 Inventory item #23 Inventory item #25 Inventory item #29 Inventory item #33 Inventory item #800 Inventory item #2234 Inventory item #2240


Shop items

Image Name Type Cheese Fraise Badge
Fur #60 Waterfall Fur 6500 350 Badge #138
Neck item #23 Leaf Umbrella Neck 600 50
Head item #136 Snail Shell Head 350 40


  • This is the first adventure of 2017 to be played out of the original order from 2016 (although many adventures have been outright skipped). This is likely because the previous event needed to be played during the holiday it corresponds with.
  • This is also the first adventure of 2017 to be played for 3 weeks (likely so the Easter event would start closer to Easter).




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