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Rain 2016, also known as the Frog Adventure, was the ninth adventure of 2016. This event was related to the leap day, which occurred on 29 February 2016, with the frog theme in the event being a reference to frogs jumping or "leaping".


This adventure focused on one simple task. Players were to pick an area at the top of the adventure map's waterfall and from there fall in a pinball-style fashion until they land into one of seven platforms. This adventure was the first to feature the return of another exclusive adventure pet (not counting the reindeer pet from Astrological 2016), it being the blue dragon.


This event introduced the following elements to Transformice's story:

  • Frogs
  • Flood season
  • Frog habitats/modern frog architecture

A new creature has been introduced to Transformice: frogs. These water-loving animals have not yet been given any sort of magic like Elisah gave to a snake, which turned him into an almighty dragon. Nonetheless, these creatures use the rain to their advantage and have learned to live in the presence of water. They are able to give items to mice in the form of raspberry currencies. It is unknown as to whether or not Elisah presents mice with the prizes for these currencies, however.

Because frogs have adapted very well to the rain, it would only make sense that they love an abundance of this element. During flood season, which is around the extra day of the leap year in February, frogs celebrate in their world. They cannot control the floods, but they can use them as a means of creating fun for mice. The pinball-style adventure map mechanics were created by the frogs to give mice their raspberries. These raspberries have grown large and were beautified by the excess rainfall, but somehow the frogs have found a way to make smaller versions of them to give to the mice. Even though the flood waters can be a danger for mice, the waterfall is safe for mice and there is no canonical way of dying (but idle death is possible). It must have been an intention of the frogs to protect mice, due to their experience with water and how to handle high amounts of it.

As exactly stated for Valentine's Day 2016's garden of roses, this adventure map features lots of architectural stability. The frogs have managed to use rope to hang onto cliff-like rock protrusions in the waterfall. Random bags are hung with rope and attached to some of these rocks. Many raspberries, red and purple/black, hang from wavy vines that are stabilized by the towering rock structures on both sides of the waterfall. These raspberries are very bouncy. Other bouncy objects include mushrooms halfway down the map. These mushrooms are various shapes, colors, and sizes, ranging from tiny purple to large spotted burgundy. In about the lower middle of the map, there is a frog hut. This hut does not lie on the waterfall but is rather held on by thick rope onto the rock structures. A horizontal rope ladder hangs attached to the hut to allow frogs to cross into it without having to hang from ropes or vines. The roof of this hut is made from one large, fertile, green leaf. The walls are made of wood and form a rectangular shape. The floor is made from a flat wooden platform that is attached to the walls to ensure stability. There are bags on the front of this platform, possibly to weight the hut slightly downwards but not too much so to keep the top ropes that hold the hut from breaking.


The objective of the adventure map was for players to place themselves on any spot on a temporary wooden platform near the very top of the map. Once the platform was released, players were immobilized to a point where they could not even change which direction they faced. Lots of grounds such as raspberries and mushrooms acted as pinball obstacles that bounced the player around as if they were the pinball.

Unless a player faced extreme luck and was still left bouncing once the map timer ended, they would collect items at the bottom of the map. The bottom of the waterfall greeted players with the seven platforms that were previously mentioned, each with a different amount and type of raspberries. One platform may have contained three Collectible 8.png berries while another may have only contained one Collectible 7.png berry. Random consumables were also given to the player, and a fraise was one of these, but could only be earned alongside Collectible 8.png berries. The platform a player fell into depended on the trajectory that a ground bounced them with. Because this bouncing is what caused a player to land into a platform, players have been known to bounce into more than one platform due to restitution and momentum. To clarify, a player may have hit one platform with so much pressure from a bounce that they could have been shot back up and bounced back into a different platform.

There was a cap of 3 berries total every 10 minutes to avoid extreme room hopping.[1]

Contents of the platforms
Collectible 7.png Collectible 7.png Collectible 7.png Collectible 8.png Collectible 8.png Collectible 8.png Collectible 8.png Collectible 8.png Collectible 7.png Collectible 7.png Collectible 7.png
Event specific
Image Name Limit
Inventory item #2238 Purple/Black Raspberry 30
Inventory item #2245 Yellow/Golden Raspberry 35


Progress rewards[]

Inventory item #2238 Reward
10 « Froggy »(386)
20 Inventory item #801
30 Cartouche #12
Inventory item #2245 Reward
Random Inventory item #801
25 Badge #134
35 « Sardine »(297)



Image Name Effect
Inventory item #2247 Frog Pet A green frog pet follows one's mouse around. Familier 5.png


Inventory item #10 Inventory item #11 Inventory item #14 Inventory item #13 Inventory item #17 Inventory item #21 Inventory item #23 Inventory item #25 Inventory item #29 Inventory item #33 Inventory item #800 Inventory item #2234 Inventory item #2240



New items

Fur badge

Image Name Type Cheese Fraise Collector
Fur #60 Waterfall Fur 6500 350 Tango Tick1.png
Neck item #23 Leaf Umbrella Neck 600 50 Tango Tick1.png
Head item #136 Snail Shell Head 350 40 Tango Tick1.png


Image Name Type Cheese Fraise
Head item #26 Pomelo Rind Helmet Head 300
Mouth item #34 Blue Fish Mouth 400 40
Head item #115 Senhor do Bofim Ribbons Head 40
Head item #87 Bahia Feathered Headband Head 100
Ear item #29 Feathered Bead Ring Ears 40
Tail item #23 Feathered Bead Hangings Tail 120
Fur #59 Painted Carnaval  Fur 400


  • The yellow raspberry was originally a Collectible 8 Old.png Inventory 2245 Old.jpg red one and was changed about an hour after the adventure's release.
  • Initially the "Snail Shell" helm was not listed as a collector's item, and also not listed as a new item. This was rectified a few days later.
  • The idea for 2 currencies is from Back to School 2015, where you could earn good and bad grades and have different rewards for them.[2]




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