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This page focuses on a content adventure, meaning this adventure is permanent. Some may consider this an update over an event.

Racing 2016, or the Racing Adventure, is the fourteenth adventure of 2016 and the second content adventure of the year. It includes additions and changes to the current village shops as well as a new currency. Players must participate in racing maps in order to earn a new racing currency and trade them for racing-themed rewards from Indiana Mouse, who has somehow freed himself from captivity in Amazonia.


Despite this event being about racing rooms, one does not need to be first to earn 1Inventory item #2254 checkered flags. Instead, this currency is earned by completing 5 rounds in the racing game mode. 


Image Name Effect
Inventory item #2254 Checkered Flag New currency earned by completing racing maps.


New consumables[]

Image Name Description
Inventory item #2255 Dice Shows a random side of a die.


New items, or previous items that have had a price change.

Indiana Mouse
Cost Reward
50Inventory item #2254 « Zeptowatt »(392)
150Inventory item #2254 Cartouche #17
200Inventory item #2254 Badge #147
Cost Reward
200Inventory item #2253 « Archonte »(391)
Cost Reward
1Inventory item #2253 1Inventory item #2255
1Inventory item #2254 5Inventory item #2255
1Inventory item #2253 5Inventory item #21
1Inventory item #2253 1Inventory item #29
1Inventory item #2254 3Inventory item #2232
Cost Reward
50Inventory item #2253 50Inventory item #800
50Inventory item #2254 50Inventory item #800
5Inventory item #2253 3Inventory item #9
5Inventory item #2253 2Inventory item #19
1Inventory item #2254 3Inventory item #23



New items

Image Name Type Cheese Fraise Collector
Hair style #20 Lightning Hair Hair 800 80 Tango Cross1.png
Mouth item #53 Checkered Flag Mouth 600 40 Tango Cross1.png
Neck item #24 Checkered Scarf Neck 450 40 Tango Cross1.png


Image Name Type Cheese Fraise
Tail item #26 Winged Shaman Ornament Tail 100
Head item #67 Shark Attack Hat Head 400 40
Fur #43 Chocolate Egg Fur 7000 400
Ear item #8 Starfish Earring Ears 400 40



  • The trophy cartouche reward was originally a singular cartouche with a laurel, checkered flag and trophy, but was since split, presumably to allow for future rewards.


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