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Racing is a game mode. There are no shamans in racing maps (P17).


Like the name implies, mice in the room race to be the quickest to finish the map. Only racing maps will be played in racing rooms, and mice must complete maps alone without the help of any shaman.

When you're the first one to enter the hole in racing rooms, your first stat increases like normal.

Unlike other game modes, racing rooms only have 1 minute time given instead of 2 minutes. Like normal, if there are less than three mice alive, the timer will automatically be set to 20 seconds if the timer is above 20 seconds.

Due to the fact that there is no shaman, the players should be experienced before playing in racing rooms, since almost all racing maps require mouse techniques (wall jump, corner jump, turn around, etc.).


A racing game consists of 10 rounds, where mice compete to get highest score. The room then will announce the name of the mouse with highest score at the end of round 10: "<Player Name> wins the game!".

Rank Points
First 4
Second 3
Third 2
Fourth or below 1
Did not finish/death 0
AFK death -2


Completing a map will increases the player's stats and shop cheese, and gives 20 experience points.


Racing also gives badges as reward.

Image Stat image Requirement Release date
Racing Badge 1.png Racing Stat 1.jpg Play 1,500 rounds 26 March 2015
Racing Badge 2.png Racing Stat 2.jpg Complete 10,000 rounds 26 March 2015
Racing Badge 3.png Racing Stat 3.jpg Get 1st, 2nd, or 3rd positions 10,000 times 26 March 2015
Racing Badge 4.png Racing Stat 4.jpg Get 10,000 firsts 26 March 2015


After an update in 2016, it became possible to earn flag coins Inventory item #2254 in racing rooms to spend in a village room. One coin is earned for every 5 rounds completed. Flag coins were originally traded with the Indiana Mouse NPC, but was later changed to Buffy.

On 22 October 2020 (V1.600), it became possible to buy star racing coins Inventory item #2506 and the shop reward Eye item #38 was added. Following Title Contest 2021, 10 titles purchasable with star racing coins were added on 18 November 2021 (V1.670).

Buying Eye item #38 awards a badge Badge #349.

Cost Reward Release
50Inventory item #2506 Eye item #38 V1.600
150Inventory item #2254 Cartouche #17 Racing 2016
200Inventory item #2254 Badge #147 Racing 2016
50Inventory item #2254 « Zeptowatt »(392) Racing 2016
150Inventory item #2254 « Piston »(398) Ninja 2016
2Inventory item #2506 « Honk honk! »(527) V1.670
3Inventory item #2506 « Formula 801 »(524) V1.670
4Inventory item #2506 « Beep, beep! »(528) V1.670
5Inventory item #2506 « Nitro »(525) V1.670
7Inventory item #2506 « NYOOM »(521) V1.670
10Inventory item #2506 « Lightning MiceQueen »(530) V1.670
15Inventory item #2506 « Mouse Goes Brr »(523) V1.670
20Inventory item #2506 « GOTTA GO FAST »(522) V1.670
25Inventory item #2506 « The God/Goddess of Speed »(529) V1.670
30Inventory item #2506 « 300.000 km/s »(526) V1.670
100Inventory item #2254 1Inventory item #2506 V1.600
Cost Reward
50Inventory item #2254 50Inventory item #800


  • The mouse with the current high-score will have wings beside their nickname.
  • Scores are only updated when mice enter the hole and at the end of every round, so during round 1, the winner of the last game will still have the wings.


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