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Pursuit is a game based on Cops and Robbers. It is one of the "hidden" modules that does not appear on the modules list, similar to #TowerDefense.

There are two teams; the Cops and the Robbers.

The Cops chase Robbers and press space to send them to Jail, which is usually located at the center of the map.

The Robbers try to escape being caught. When some Robbers are in jail, the other Robbers can liberate them by pressing space inside the jail.

Cops are only allowed inside the jail for 12 seconds, or else they will die and respawn.

There are Chiefs for each team. Each Chief has commands they can issue and a special killing move, which means the Chief of the Robbers can kill Cops. Being Chief also means you become a target for the Cops or for the Robber Chief. When Chiefs are caught, each team has a limited amount of time to either avenge their Chief or liberate him from jail.

Each round, there are objectives given out to every mouse. If completed, the objectives will give a small point boost. Objectives do not have to be completed. They vary from the teams.