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Powerup is a minigame based off survivor. In this minigame, all the rules of survivor apply but with some changes to the gameplay; Shamans are allowed to pick one power up to be used during their turn but they can not build. Only cannonballs, arrows, spirits and the selected power may be used.

Power ups[]

For the list of power ups, type !menu.

When you are shaman, you may pick a power up by first typing ! followed by a number that matches the power up that you want.

Example: typing !4 will give you the ability to fly!

  1. Give Cheese: Gives cheese to everyone in the room.
  2. Pointer Portals: Place portals anywhere using arrows, one time use.
  3. Spirit Bomb: Place up to 3 spirit bombs with arrows.
  4. Fly: Allows you to fly by pressing jump keys.
  5. Mirrored Cannons: Creates a second cannon reflected about the shaman.
  6. Double Cannons: Spawns a second cannon after one is fired.
  7. Cannon Gun: Spawns cannonballs continuously after one is fired, one time use.
  8. Anvil Spawn: Spawn 3 anvils using arrows.
  9. Teleport: Allows you to move anywhere using arrows.