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For a list of maps where the shaman can spawn portals, see Category:Portal maps.
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Portals, also known as warps, are two shaman items that can be summoned on maps that have the "Portal" map setting enabled.

Anybody can create portal maps by enabling the setting in the Map Editor while creating a map.

Portals are available for shamans in maps 82, 83, 84, 93 and 94.


They function as portals that teleport mice and shaman items between each other while maintaining their momentum.

Although they come in two variations: blue and orange (called Warp (in) and Warp (out)), both portals function as both an input or an output.

Anything that goes into one portal comes instantly out the other. Objects going at high speed into a portal (such as falling into one from great height) will maintain their speed when coming out of the other, giving the player the ability to launch themselves or other objects through the air.

One-way portal[]

A detailed tutorial on making a one-way portal

While most often times portals are two-way, it's actually possible to create a portal that's one-way through the creative use of terrain. Burying one portal into a solid piece of the level will force mice out the nearest side. There are a number of occasions where this might be used productively in some levels, but like everything, it has its own uses as a trolling tactic as well.


Version Date Update
V0.35 4 July 2010 Portals introduction Portals were available in almost all maps. It's unknown if the constant outcry from "pro gamers" that "portals ruined the game" was the cause of its July 5th retraction or they were simply an undocumented 4th of July-only item.
V0.36 4 July 2010 Portals now only available on some maps
V0.39 5 July 2010 Portals removed
V0.42 11 July 2010 Portals reintroduced in some of the new map Limited to certain maps where they can best be used, rather than most maps.

Portals can now be used in a map, but only if portals are turned on in map editor, like the soulmate function.


  • The concept of the portals, along with their colors, is originated from the Portal video game series.