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Pokelua is a module.

Pokelua can be seen as a village room, it is designed and intended to be a minigame with unique gameplay. It's a lounge where people can chill and play. The module was solely written to test the barriers of the new tfm.exec.addImage() function that was added years ago.

  • More then 800 Pokémon available
  • Two ways to align your Pokémon, NumPad arrows and adding a number after the Pokémon name
  • Shiny Pokémon
  • Fan-art Pokémon
  • Trainers
  • A functional Pokédex with search function
  • Quality Control -remove the interfaces to reduce your lag
  • Room administration system
  • More role-playing control with the !me command
  • The ability to toggle between fan-art and original Pokémon sprites
  • AFK Mode, Show other players that you are not behind your keyboard
  • Password protected rooms with !pw [password]
  • A unique maintenance mode system for version updates
  • Commands and Keys can be blocked by game mode, so they won't ruin the game-play (Survivor, Racing, ...)
  • Mega-evolutions
  • Fly-mode