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Planks is a module based off the old bot-run *deux minigame by Holypoop and later Holz #0095. This module’s objective, like normal game modes’, is for the shaman to help the mice to get cheese and bring it back to the hole.


All maps require the shaman’s help to solve. It is impossible to solve the maps on your own as a mouse.

However, unlike normal game mode, the shaman can't summon normal objects. Instead, it can only summon solid grounds via arrows. There can only be one summoned solid ground at a time, and newer solid ground will replace the older one. The ground is rotate-able by rotating the arrow before summoning.

Normal mode shamans can also use spirit three times. Any additional spirit summoned will instantly skip the map with the message "The shaman used too many spirits!". The shaman will be reminded every use by the message “You have # spirit(s) remaining.”

Any object other than arrow and spirit summoned will also skip the map with the message “The shaman used an object that isn’t an arrow!.”

Most of the time, the shaman does not need to move, since both arrow and spirit is global. However, certain maps are longer than a screen, so the shaman will need to go with the mice.

Shaman mode will affect the size of the ground summoned.

Ground Types[]

There are multiple ground types summonable, one is chosen randomly for the current map:

  • Normal wood ground
  • Stone ground
  • Grass ground
  • Ice ground
  • Trampoline ground
  • Lava ground
  • Rectangle ground
  • Circle ground