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“Planks” redirects here. For the minigame, see Planks (minigame).
For the planks unlocked by skills, see Chocoplank (chocolate plank), Ice Plank, Tight Budget (tiny plank), and Big Plank.

A bridge made of planks

For a list of planks in the shop, see Shop/Shaman#Short plank.

The shaman may build two types of planks, small and large. The only difference between the two is length. All four types of anchors can be used on planks.


Planks can be joined together to build bridges, ramps, elevators, an even trolling devices. For example, on map 81 planks can be used to construct a roof. Transparent planks (which can be made by pressing the space bar after you select a plank) with a global anchor are often used as bases for other objects. Planks can also be used on certain maps to "surf" by riding a plank across water, although it may tip over easily.

Shaman placing planks while building must be careful not to trap their mice. Troll shamans often intentionally use planks to trap their mice, block off the mouse hole, or block the way to the cheese.