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Pirate 2016, also known as the Pirate Adventure, is the nineteenth adventure of 2016. This adventure echoes the boat maps from previous Fishing events, with a reskin and content unique from the mere « Tonnerre de Brest »(253) title that was the only obtainable reward on past boat maps.


Players would spawn on the beach and on top of the cheese. You would ride a boat across the map to reach the other side where the hole is. The boat's small size and rickety motion challenged players to stay afloat and made it easy for them to fall off if they were not careful. Thunderstorms would also strike now and then, serving as another obstacle. You must focus on maintaining control of the boat and yourself to evade drowning and getting struck by lightning.

Players who reached the hole earned Inventory item #2257 as a reward.


The map had a beach with cheese and a clear sky on the left, while the right side had a rocky shore and a stormy sky, where the hole is located. To get to the other side, you would ride a small, rickety boat while avoiding thunderstorms and falling off. You would ride the boat to the right side while avoiding obstacles and death.


New consumables[]

Image Name Effect
Inventory item #2262 Parrot Spawns a parrot pet.


New items, or previous items that have had a price change.

Indiana Mouse
Cost Reward
25Inventory item #2257 « Buccaneer »
50Inventory item #2257 Badge #17
Cost Reward
2Inventory item #2257 5Inventory item #2262
Cost Reward
150Inventory item #2253 Cartouche #24

New Items[]

Pirate 2016 new items.jpg

Fur badge

Image Name Type Cheese Fraise
Fur #72 Shark Fur Fur 7000 360
Eye item #25 Shanks' Scars Eyes 300 40
Mouth item #57 Braid Beard Mouth 400 40
Neck item #27 Exotic Lei Neck 250 40


  • You can wall jump the edge of the screen on the right of the hole.




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