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Screenshot of gameplay

Pictionary is a game room set up similar to the in real life Pictionary game. The shaman is given a word and must draw the word on the map. The other mice guess the word that is being drawn. The mouse that guesses correctly is the shaman on the next map. There is no cheese or mouse holes on this map.


As Shaman:
!new - Gives you a new word.
!next - Gives up your turn to someone else.
Use 1 + C or V (the arrow with the yellow or blue anchor), then click the map to draw.

As mouse:
!guess - Guess by stating the word following an exclamation point. (i.e. !judge)
!respawn - Will respawn mouse if you die.
If you get the message "Your last message is the same" while attempting to respawn, just type something else, then attempt to respawn again.

!help - Gives you the statement bellow:


Welcome to Pictionary!

Every round the shaman is given a word that they must draw, and the mice have to guess it. Use 1 + C or V to draw!
  As a mouse, type !guess into the chat, 'guess' being your guess as to what the shaman is drawing. Type !respawn to respawn your mouse, !new for a new word as shaman and !next to skip your shaman turn. You can submit pictionary maps here!:
  Do not type your word or hints in chat!

Additional notes[]

Instead of drawing, some shamans give clues in the game as to the word, for drawing can be tedious and boring.

As shaman, typing the word without the exclamation point will not penalize you.
However, typing the word as if you were to guess it with the exclamation point will state your cheating and will move on to the next round.