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For the game by Tigrounette, see Pew pew.

Pewpew is a module which is accessible by typing /room #pewpew in the game chat. This minigame features shooting, survival and a kill 'em all gameplay!

Each round, players get 3 lives and you have the ability to throw items by pressing Space or duck (S/). Your objective is to kill all or survive until the end of the round.

Whenever the timer drops to zero, the Sudden death round comes into the play. In this round the lives of all the alive players will drop to 1, no matter how many lives you had before. Which means, as the name implies, you can't spawn until the next round if you died.

1 shop cheese will be awarded if you are the last mice to stand in the round.


Use the arrow keys or AWSD to move around. You can shoot items to the direction you face by pressing Space or duck (S/)

Key Description
Space/ S/ Shoot items
H Open the help menu
P Displays your profile
L Displays the leaderboard
O Opens the shop

Chat commands[]

Command Description
!help Displays the help menu
!profile [player] Displays the profile of the player (or yours if player is not specified)
!shop Displays the shop
!changelog Displays the changelog